Halo Lego Game= April Fools Greatness

Electronic Gaming Monthly’s April issue always has tricks up it’s sleeves. The April issue has a preview for “Lego Halo” which meant some hardcore HALO gamers were like “Yay” and others like “Nay”. Click the Image below to see the article.


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Street Fighter IV video blowout, including Balrog and Sagat

Vodpod videos no longer available.

It hasn’t been officially announced yet, but who would doubt that Balrog and Sagat wouldn’t be in Street Fighter IV? Then again, why not throw in Vega and M.Bison to boot. Next up are “the new challengers” right? Once Cammy and Fei Long are known to be in the game, this gamer will be frothing at the mouth of peaches and cream with extreme excitement.

Up top is a 3 minute gameplay compilation of the fighters as they have been revealed up until now. After the break are two video’s aken to Mystery Science Theater 3000, as they both are camcorder shots showing a test cabinet at an arcade of both Balrog and Sagat in action with several people walking in front of the shot. Until an official video is released, this is what we have for now. Enjoy!

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Call of Duty 4 update is live.. happy happy joy joy

Just a quick note that the Call of Duty 4 features update is now live. Robert Bowling posted what’s in it.

New Kill Cams – Everything that can kill you has a Kill Cam now. Grenades, Airstrikes, Claymores, C4, M203 Rounds, RPGs, anything. So jump online, get owned alittle and check them out. They’re awesome, especially Grenades and M203 shots that go across the map and through a window.

Host Migration – Host migration was added, so now when the host leaves you won’t get dropped back to your own lobby by yourself. Everyone will stay together. Host Leaves, everyone returns to lobby, selects next best host, and the game starts up again. No more re-inviting, re-partying up because a host ended the game.

Improved Sniper Accuracy – The Sniper rifle accuracy has been improved. No more, WTF? shots now. You’re cross hair will be a better representation of where your shot will ultimately land. Try out a sniper class today, let us know how the new accuracy feels.

Improved ACOG Scope Accuracy – ACOG scopes accuracy on any weapon has been improved. Test it out, throw it on one of your classes and give it a go.

Upgraded Spectator Cam – Now when you’re a spectator you have the option to follow in 3rd person or 1st person. As well as rotate 360 degrees around the player you’re watching. Next time you’re dead in Search and Destroy and just watching your team mates do stuff you know you can do better, now do it in 1st person or rotate around them.

Quick Mute Option – Now you can easily and quickly mute players in-game or in-lobby without ever going through the Xbox Live blades. Just go to their gamertag on screen and hit ‘X’ to quick mute in lobby, or via the in-game scoreboard if playing. Quick. Easy. No more

In addition to these feature additions there will also be:

Improved Network Performance For Larger Games – 18 player games now require more bandwidth to host, resulting in smoother performance for players.

Optimized Server Selection for First Match – Server selection is now optimized to select best bandwidth servers associated by LSP.
Fixed “Playlist Older Than Host” Error – Player will no longer get this error when entering games.
Additional Start Spawn Locations in All Maps – Added a minimum of 9 extra start spawns on each side of all maps.

Happy Gaming this weekend!

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Surprise! No Doubt song pack hits marketplace(Guitar Hero 3)

Look what we have here. A three song pack from the band No Doubt has been released on the marketplace for 500 Microsoft Points. No, this is not for Rock Band. It’s for that other music game called, uhmm, oh yeah Guitar Hero 3.

The three songs are:

“Don’t Speak”

“Excuse Me Mr”

“Sunday Morning”

So, jump on that if you’re into No Doubt or Gwen Stefani’s golden locks.

[Via Major Nelson]

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More Lost Odyssey’s to come? Who wants some more?

If you’re enjoying the currently released Lost Odyssey and you asked yourself this question ” I NEED MORE”.. you’re in luck. According to ALLRPG the head of Microsoft in Japan is very pleased with the over 100 K sales of Lost Odyssey and he expects the SERIES to grow.

So, who’s up for more years with the Lost Odyssey franchise?

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Would you like to take a Gears 2 survey?

Would you like to take a survey? No, not one of those annoying survey’s that may pop up underneath your browser window when your viewing something you probably shouldn’t, but a survey pertaining to Gears of War 2. Over on the Official Gears of War website, you’ll be presented with an option to take a survey about what you loved about Gears of War®.

Naturally, this is to gauge what Epic should be putting more of in the second outing “theoretically”. This isn’t a survey that’s going to beat you over the head with constant agonizing nudges to take it like in a classic episode of The Animaniacs I so dearly love. It’s a mere 8 multiple choice question outing. So, in classic fashion, Gearheads everywhere, head on over to the survey and show your opinion. What effect it’ll have with anything is probably minimal, but what’s it going to hurt.

[GOW 2 Survey]

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I hope you’re ready to catch some crabs

Isn’t that a great headline? Ok, don’t get nervous because I’m not talking about those itchy pesky crabs which hang out with you after a weekend of party hopping. I’m talking about catching crabs in the middle of a freaking rain storm on a boat which seems like it’s going to capsize. That’s right, Discovery Channel’s TV Show Deadliest Catch is coming to Xbox 360 in video game form.

So, what can do in the Xbox 360 version of Deadliest Catch: Alaskan Storm? Well, you can do a lot actually. Let me show you the features of the game which were announced in the press release.

  • Career Mode (Realistic and challenging simulation for gamers and Deadliest Catch fans)
  • Missions (Gamers experience the hard core Bering Sea life, including participation in United States Coast Guard search and rescue missions and ice flow navigation
  • Arcade Mini-Games (Allows casual gamers to enjoy fun challenges, including crab boat races and skiff races)
  • Five Authentic Crab Boats (including Northwestern and Cornelia Marie)
  • Twenty Real Fishermen (including Edgar and Norman Hansen, Josh and Jake Harris)
  • Six Authentic Captains (including Captains Sig Hansen, Phil Harris and Larry Hendricks)
  • 4,500 lines of recorded character dialogue
  • United States Coast Guard Search and Rescues (First time in a video game)
  • Captain the 370ft.USCG Cutter Mellon
  • Throw-the-Hook Mini-Game
  • Skiff Racing Mini-Game
  • 34,000 Miles Actual Coastline
  • Four Real Bering Sea Harbors (Akutan, Dutch Harbor, King Cove and St. Paul)
  • Interactive Virtual Tour Northwestern Crab Boat
  • 100 Exclusive Crew Videos
  • Xbox Live multiplayer

I’m not really for picking crabs in the Alaskan waters but fans should get a kick out of it. Deadliest Catch: Alaskan Storm hits stores in April.

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-