Introducing “What has happened here?”

If you’re reading this chances are you’d like to be informed on whats going on in the gaming industry, more specifically the Xbox sector. “What has happened here” is going to do exactly that. Every Saturday until the end of time, no really, we are going to defy all known logic and sciences to bring you “What has happened here” until the end of time so you’ll be graced with a quick rundown of the events of that preceding week. It won’t be a bulletined list (unless we’re lazy that week), but a funny look at what’s going on. Any and all who think they have something to say about what’s been happening should hit up our contact page, forums, or email me directly with whatever you have to say. If it’s funny or good (whichever comes first), you just might see yours published for all to see. A star on the Hollywood walk of fame is sure to be next.

See you Saturday.

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-