Rumor: Splinter Cell Conviction delayed yet again? 2010 maybe?

Ever wonder where Splinter Cell Conviction was? Did it get lost in the woods during a afternoon walk of stealth dispare, maybe? Why wasn’t it apart of the Xbox 360 Spring Showcase? After all, it is a Xbox 360 exclusive. Well, it turns out that Splinter Cell Conviction maybe a little bit on the rocker by word of Xbox World 360 Mag.

According to CVG, the game is facing a “back to the drawing board” moment as it may not be seeing the light of day until 2009, if not 2010. A decision that is speculatively a surprise decision, this is not good news for stealth action fan’s who may be standing on the sidelines as they watch “that” other stealth”ish” game from Konami release long before then.

Did Assassin’s Creed show up Ubisoft’s own next in line? Or is it that the game’s new crowd dynamic gameplay did not match the past Splinter Cell pedigree the way Ubisoft had hoped for. For now, time will tell as this will hopefully get cleared up at Ubisoft’s UbiDays soon.

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-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

Rumor: Beyond Good and Evil sequel in the works?

Back in the day, aka a few years ago, there was this game called Beyond Good and Evil. It was great in so many ways much like its later bretheren Pyschonauts. Unfortunately all of that greatness was not enough to cause either to sell very well. Jump ahead to today where creator Michel Ancel of Rayman fame has been quoted albeit by a somewhat “janky” translation from French website JeuxVideo as saying that a sequel will be coming sometime in 2009.

And for those of you that may have passed on this game back in 2003, it’s a great candidate for Xbox Original treatment, but as it always turns out, Beyond Good and Evil is not backward compatible on the Xbox 360. Anything short of saying Booooo to the BC Ninja’s would be uncivilized.

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Rumor Time: Microsoft’s Motion Controller revealed next week?

Word on the street is Microsoft could unveil their motion controller (which works with Banjo Kazooie 3) next week. Rumor is some people in the gaming press have already seen it thus confirming it’s existence.

According to sources that will go unnamed, Microsoft may be showing its Xbox 360 motion controller as early as next week to press, a controller geared specifically for Banjo Kazooie 3 gameplay. In fact, we’ve heard that select members of the press have already seen the controller—in use on the next Banjo Kazooie title—in action.

Either the controller gets revealed next week or Microsoft could hold it until E3 2008.

Waggle, Waggle.

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Is Microsoft developing an Xmote?

It\'s a conspiracy!

After the success of the Nintendo Wii, it’s only natural for Microsoft to not want to sit back and watch Nintendo continue on with its success. So when an unnamed source comes out of the wood work to give unsubstantiated details as to Microsoft perceivably developing it’s own take on what Nintendo has made a killing on over the last year or so, no one should be surprised if it turned out to indeed be true. Supposedly tasked with the project is Rare. Not exactly in the highest of light with gamers according to it’s poorly reviewed and sold games since it was acquired by Microsoft several years ago. The eerily Wii-mote like device depicted is strait out of the Nintendo catalog.

The only real problem Nintendo has on it’s hands is the motion control it has being a pure novelty as it’s stuck attached to what’s now considered an inadequate machine powering it. In Microsoft’s case, that wouldn’t be a problem. Does the Xbox 360 or a predecessor need motion control of any kind? To follow the trend that leads to more money, Yes. After all, don’t be fooled. None of this is for the sake of the craft. It’s always about the money. Don’t forget that. Nintendo practically has a money printing machine and Microsoft has to say, “We want one of those to”. Aledgedly.

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