Rant Central #14: Leo Laporte, stop talking about gaming, PLEASE!

Disclaimer: Leo Laporte diehards, I realize he’s building the Ultimate Gaming PC, so don’t even bother bringing that up.  That’s beside the point. 😉

I don’t mean to disparage anyone, especially when the wolf pack that follows Leo Laporte would be very happy to eat me for lunch, but when it comes to the topic of videogames Leo needs to not even bother. The misinformed sludge that comes out of his mouth every time he tries to speak about games time after time confirms that he’s just plain out of touch.

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Rant Central #13: Avatars: Why so much hate?

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Over the course of the few hours that have pasted since the E3 2008: Microsoft Press Briefing and the introduction of the “New Xbox Experience”, there has been quite a bit of discussion all around the web as to what they think about “Avatars”. Over on the Xbox forums a poll has been put up by non other than TriXie360 (Gamerchix/Community Confidential/ and more) and what will you find in response to this poll? Of course, some rational thought and a whole lot of hate on the side to go with that. Now, of course when Denis Dyack said what he said on 1up Yours a few weeks ago many chose to take the easy way out and just call him crazy by dismissing any and all that he was talking about. Failing to actually listen to what he was really saying, the aforementioned forum thread clearly proves Denis’ point.

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Rant Central #12: Play through times

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Ever since the advent of videogames there has been this thing called “Play Time” and never before has this been such apart of the gaming landscape. How many hours is it? Of course, there’s this perception of length versus quality, but it once used to be a thing you never really thought about when most of us where kids and didn’t have the means to buy our games our self. And now that we’ve grown up, we too have turned into the paranoid “old people” that we used to despise who are always looking for that mythical boogie man that’s planning to take all of our money.

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Rant Central #11: 10 or nothing

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*Thanks to XBD reader Geo for sparking this over at the XBD forums.

There is “one thing” in this videogame world that threatens to undermine the entire establishment and what that one thing is should be absurdly familiar to everyone. Over the years as the videogame industry has progressed, we’ve come to a point were there seems to be this abundance of jadedness when it comes to the all mighty “10” review score. What’s a 10? What isn’t a 10? Should there even be a 10 score? And so on. It’s save to say that the very foundation of this great medium we’ve all watched blossom is being eaten alive be those very same people who call themselves hardcore. 10 or nothing has to stop and it needs to stop right now!

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Rant Central #10: Glenn Beck and friends

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Idiocy is a phenomenon that finds itself draped across all walks of life. Unfortunately that phenomenon seems to follow videogames around like a bad smell, hence the video below.

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Rant Central #9: Give Criterion their props damnit!

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This feature was started as an appease of sorts to the fine folks of Criterion Games. Therefore after the most recent announcement by the Burnout Team, it’s ample time that they get the props they deserve from someone outside of their die hard fans who’ll believe in them no matter what even if they are on a sinking ship of horror known otherwise as the Titanic. Something has to be said for the gigantic balls these guys ,and no doubt gals also, are trying to do when it comes to downloadable content. No more should we look for just standard handouts, while Criterion is actively and literally changing their game before our eyes.

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Rant Central #8: Lazy Developers

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OMG, this one is about to have my head explode with the ferocity of all of the suns in the known universe imploding at the same time. Time after time gamers every where tend to at some time or another try to pull the “Lazy” developer card out of their ass.  It’s a phenomenon of stupidity and ultimately a colossal epic failure of more sorts than can possibly be explained without going into War and Peace territory.  Nevertheless, its about time to exact some revenge on this overly and outright unfairly used term of attack for if not the sake of game developers everywhere, but to put unknowing consumers in there place once and for all.

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