The Xbox Domain and E3, aka an update

Well, it’s that time of year again. E3 is here and with The Xbox Domain having been on the down low recently don’t think we’re going to be skipping all of the announcement glory that usually is E3. Today is the day of the Microsoft Press Briefing and it would be a serious crime if yours truly didn’t cover it. Throughout the coming week we’ll be posting as much info as we can. That secret “free hat” apocalypse ( I’m calling it) some have mentioned will concurrently be worked on as a few kinks are being worked out. Things are happening so be patient if you can. Until then, let the E3 Banaza roll.

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

The Xbox Domain secret “kinda” revealed ;)

Yes, we know time is of the essence. Things have been brewing for quite sometime and some of you are beginning to get frustrated. Unfortunately there has been a snag holding everything up, but until then which seriously shouldn’t be to much longer we give you this. Well, its about time we let you in on phase one of that secretive plan, if you insist on calling it that. While it may be a departure from what you might have expected, it’s ultimately the next path of virtue. Behold, the secret finally revealed. 🙂

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

Ryu Hayabusa strikes the Xbox Offices

If you ever thought you’d try to double cross Ryu Hayabusa then think again, as you’ll see in the above video from the Gamerscore Blog. It wouldn’t be product placement that causes your demise. Would it? 😉

Xbox Office-Ninja Gaiden’s Ryu is Lazy [Gamerscore Blog]

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

Jessica Chobot does her GTA IV photo op

While looking behind the curtain of The Xbox Domain, there’s been one constant as of late. Some of you still have an interest in Jessica Chobot. Yes, it’s a real shame she works for the wrong web site (there are more lolly pops where that came from Jessica 😉 ). Oh, and get your head out of your gutter if your trying to read into that you sicko’s. It’s not a PSP or anything to do with Bullet Witch, but three’s a charm right?

[Via Jess-IGN]

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

Come and get your Xbox 360 PJ on!

So, you have everything there is to do with Xbox, huh? You have all of the accessories and all of the games you care to “give a chance”, but there’s one thing you probably don’t have. Xbox PJ’s, of course. Now if you say you’ve already got a pair, stop lying to yourself, because I know you never thought of this essential part of the Xbox “empire” of merchandising.

Yes, you to could be styling in your very own Xbox PJ’s. There’s no sarcasm here folks. 😉 Nothing but pure unadulterated PJ happiness as the immense feeling of joy rushes over me as I realize what’s be missing in my life. No more worrying about having world peace, general news actually being news, celebrities finally being put in their place, or having Idiocracy actually come true. No! None of that matters anymore, when I get my pair of Xbox 360 Pj’s.

One word of advice for all. Head on over to and get your pair , because the world won’t be the same until Xbox not only rules your consciousness, but warms your legs to.

[Via Digg]

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Microsoft and Hip Hop collide

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Fox anything, much less Fox Business News isn’t exactly any gamers favorite after the Mass Effect fiasco, but nevertheless here they are from a different angle on a much less controversial matter. Is Microsoft and ( some) Hip Hop coming together a good idea to you?

[Via Gamertag Radio]

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Browse the web on your Xbox 360, fo reals!

*This may be old to some, but if you didn’t already know how, now you do.

Before you fall on the floor of immense laughter, browsing the web on your Xbox 360 is possible. I repeat, it is possible. Those of you who have a computer, should immediately note that you need not worry (as if your not reading this on a computer). Your “real” web browser “ain’t” going anywhere, but if you have a Windows Media Center computer your in for a nice diversion. It’s been talked about for quite sometime as to whether Microsoft should even bother with such a thing after the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3 shipped a year later with web browsers. Then again, that doesn’t matter, since you can have it without them. Limited success permitting.

As you may know, the Xbox 360 supports Media Center out of the box. Browsing over to the media blade of the 360 dashboard will greet you with the option at the bottom of the list of choices there. Assuming that you have a Media Center equipped computer on the same network as your Xbox 360, you’ll be connected to the Media Center through your Xbox 360 (initial setup maybe required).

If you’ve run Media Center Extender before or have made it this far, you’ll be needing this plugin for your Media Center. Close the MCE on the 360 and PC. Once its downloaded and installed on your MC PC, startup Media Center again on the 360 and browse over to the Online Media section, then to the program library. Once there, you should be greeted with a browser option, select it, and you’ll have the browser plugin launch. You should see a menu bar of options at the top and left side of the screen. Select enter URL, as it’ll be one of the first options you’ll see from the first menu option up top. Press the Y button to bring up the dashboard soft keyboard to enter a url (use of a chatpad here would help). After the URL is entered, select browse and the page should load.

Mousing around the page isn’t exactly comfortable. Using the left stick or arrow buttons on a remote will move you around links on the page. A zoom in and out function is on the top menu, but it often will just destroy the page layout leaving you with a broken page that becomes unusable. Adding favorites is also included, but if you can tell by now, this is just something to mess around with in the long run. Don’t go having hopes of a solution to your Xbox 360 browsing needs if you have any. It’s cool to see a webpage being rendered on your 360, but the long and the short of it leaves you with all of the answers you need about the 360 having a browser. It would be nice, but you already have what you need on your computer and this will in no way replace that.

*Note: This was done with the Vista Media Center, so your MCE interface may be slightly different if using XP.

Browse internet on Xbox 360 [Rap GodFathers]

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