Greenberg says Pressure is on Sony

Aaron Greenberg(Director of Product Management for Xbox 360/Xbox Live) gave a piece of his mind in an interview with our robotic friends at Destructoid about Sony and their false promises.

Aaron had this to say about Home:

Think back to GDC 2007 when Sony promised to leap ahead in online with the Sony Home unveil. Here we are two years later and multiple delays for a product that has appears to have little to no buzz. Where are the achievements? The friends list integration across all games? Where is the long-promised video store?

Aaron goes on to say that Microsoft is readying to release a second Gears game while Sony hasn’t even released the first next-gen version of Killzone.

Then three years ago at E3 they showed what PS3 games would supposedly look like with the Killzone 2 video, that we are now learning will ship four years later. That means that we will have shipped Gears of War and Gears of War 2 before they can even get Killzone out the door.

Aaron wraps up his barrage of words with this nice little ditty:

The days of Sony snowing the consumers and the press are over, I think the pressure is now really on them more than ever to deliver on all of these promises.

You know Aaron does have a point. Where is Sony’s marketplace? Where is Home? Metal Gear Solid 4 will surely help out Sony, but where are the features which Sony has been touting for years?

Exclusive Destructoid Interview:Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg on GTA IV [Destructoid]

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

The Xbox Domain turns into The PlayStation Domain

The PlayStation Domain

Where Xbox comes to die!

As you may have noticed, The Xbox Domain hasn’t been getting updated as much as you or anyone on the staff would like. Now, there’s nothing left for us to do than to spill the beans. The Xbox Domain will be turning to the dark side. Out with the Xbox Domain and in with The PS3 Domain. The lack of posts are indeed caused by our ridiculous time with PlayStation 3 while our 360’s collect dust.

  • Great games, who needs’em
  • Great online (when it works), Ha! Overrated.
  • A Community team to turn to, who needs them either

We’ve had it with all of the good games available for the Xbox 360. Who needs good games anyway. So, much like Darth Vader, we bow down to that of which is Sony.

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

A sneak peek

Hey 2K, MLB 2K8 is a lagfest

I picked up MLB 2K8 this past week and I’m not pleased. As many owners of the game can attest to, the game’s Frame Rate is horrible at times. Sometimes the game might run smooth and then all of a sudden it’s lag city. Maybe it has to do with all the technology they invested in making the jerseys sway when it’s windy. Come on now.

Even the cut scenes lag at times and it really dumbs down the whole experience. Hopefully 2K can get this problem fixed before the official season starts.

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-