Condemned 2 Impressions

I was a fan of the original Condemned title. I wasn’t hardcore like some people who have went through the story multiple times, but I liked it. The title messed with your mind in different ways and it was a refreshing gaming experience back in 2005.

Fast forward to 2008 and we have the sequel to Condemned released as Condemned 2:Bloodshot. One of my worries was how could Monolith top the psychological scares of the original without seeming too cheesy or flat. I’ve played about halfway and yes the game has a scary vibe when it comes to the atmosphere but for reason i’m not feeling the same way I did with the original.

Sure, the graphics look good and the violence is brutal but to me the game just feels short of the original’s glory. For example, if you remember the mission in the original game which took place in the mall, that was scary! Condemned 2 tries to recreate the scares with a doll factory mission(scary music included) but it just doesn’t get the job done. Currently, I’m at a part where the psychological scares have manifested into reality and the game just doesn’t feel creepy anymore.

Maybe, later on in the game Condemned 2 will pull a fast one with a creepy level or scare but right now i’m just feeling a bit underwhelmed. As for the Multiplayer I haven’t tried it yet so I cannot speak on that.

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

I like Frontlines:Fuel of War

I went to my friend’s house this past weekend and played some Frontlines: Fuel of War. I played some of the single player and multiplayer and I had a good time. I played the demo when it was released and I was left with the impression that I would never in a million years buy this game but I did this past Monday. The game is not even close to being stellar with multiplayer that lags and a short single player campaign but there’s something that keeps my attention.

Frontlines has a certain charm to it and I don’t mind that I spent 65 Dollars on it. The game uses EA’s Battlefield series as it’s inspiration and at some points I feel like I’m playing Battlefield because the similarities are shocking. Don’t think Kaos studios just did a complete rip-off as Frontlines does some new things. I love using the suicide bomber drone which takes the from as a helicopter which you can fly into enemy territory and detonating.

The tank drone is a pesky little killing machine which you can drive into enemy territory and wreak havoc. I’m enjoying the single player but it’s way too short. I’ve been playing the single player for about 4 hours and I only have two chapters left. The average chapter will take anywhere between 25-45 minutes depending on difficulty(I’m playing on Normal).

The multiplayer is enjoyable but it does have some problems. Sometimes tanks drive through solid objects, opponents take hundreds of bullets, and some games lag horribly. Kaos has stated that they’re fixing the problems in an future update so that is good news.

So, problems aside I’m enjoying the game and if you enjoy Battlefield type games I say give it a rent to test out the waters.

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

High Hopes for Condemned 2:Bloodshot

Do you feel that chilling sensation in your spine? That feeling of the hallways closing in? No, it has nothing to do with that heavy night of drinking you had. It has to do with the release of the sorta-highly anticipated release of the sequel to the brain-twisting Xbox 360 launch title Condemned.

I enjoyed the original Condemned as it was a flawed title but, I did love it’s certain charm. Ambient noises and the gritty atmosphere of the city kept me tuned in to the game all the way through. I loved the last mission of the game which felt straight out of “Friday the 13th”.

The main character “Ethan Thomas” has even had a Sam Fisher/Scruffy beard makeover in part 2. The reviews so far seem positive even though some outlets claim the game gets too “Supernatural” towards the ending.

I mostly want to play Condemned 2 for the single player as I’m not all interested in the multiplayer.The multiplayer aspect of Condemned 2:Bloodshot is getting written off like the lag-fest that was The Darkness multiplayer.

So, we’ll see what happens this week. Anyone here looking forward to buying/renting Condemned Dos?

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

Army of Two Impressions

I picked up EA’s Army of Two a couple of days ago and so far, so good. The graphics look very nice during gameplay with the cutscenes looking even better. The story of Army of Two is these 2 buddies (Rios and Salem) are contractors who get paid tons of cash to do the dirty work that the US Government doesn’t want to do. The game takes you to locals which include places like Afghanistan and Iraq for example.

While some games are mostly built for a single-player experience, Army of Two was built with co-op tactical action in mind. You and your partner will have to team up to take out terrorists and baddies alike. Since the game is all about co-op let’s talk about that. The game includes different types of interactions which you can have with your partner.

One of my favorite co-op interactions includes either Rios or Salem using a riot shield with your teammate right behind you busting caps into terrorist. (Video Below)

Also, the back to back interaction may seems “Michael Bayish” at the beginning but it feels so damn cool. (Video Below)

I’m about 5 Missions in so I can’t talk about the ending and things of that nature but so far I’m pretty pleased. I haven’t tried the versus modes( 2 vs 2) as I want to complete the story first but I look forward to that as well. You can play the single player with an AI controlled teammate but I highly suggest you play with a friend(Xbox Live, Splitscreen) to get the whole Army of Two experience. The game seems like it’s going to be pretty short( 5-6 Hours) so keep that in mind if you hate short games in length.

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-