Beyond Xbox #3: Can or should videogames only be "fun"?

Drawing on this post from Garnet Lee on Twitter:

GarnettLee Played some R6Vegas2 with the thought of maybe finishing it but put it down when I realized it felt more like work than fun

What is the value of fun with a videogame versus the so-called “fun” with every other medium? Can videogames only be fun or is there something else that can be garnered from them instead of classifying them as only being able to be fun? For one thing, every great videogame does not only bring fun. As with many things in life, it isn’t fair to pigeon hold videogames into only being able to or should only give you one type of satisfaction.

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Beyond Xbox #2: Videogames vs. Film Animation

Why is it that I don’t understand how so many people can praise animation in film and pooh pooh videogames so easily. As I sit here and Watch Starz Inside: A Pixar Story (more specifically Part 2), I can’t help but see the exuberance oozing out of Richard Roeper as he chronicles Ratatouille. It’s no secret that film has had eons to build up the relationship it has with audiences, but why is it so easy for giant swaths of people to ignore the fastest growing entertainment segment there is?

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Beyond Xbox #1: Xbox vs. Girlfriend Take 2

Welcome to the newest Xbox Domain feature. This will be an ongoing look at issues that are removed for the Xbox ecology all together, but may or may not be related to Xbox in some other way. First up for the ladies who don’t play videogames is Xbox vs. Girlfriend Take 2. Help me and all guys alike understand. It would be much appreciated.

Coming from the most unlikely of sources is this:

Someone tell me the problem with gamers. They never want to have sex with their women? Even the new ones. I have seen it over and over on this site. What’s the deal??? Computer games inhibit sexual libido???? – Sex! Drop the guy, he is a bum!

The first time this had attention brought to it I didn’t exactly give any real thought on it, but the time has finally come to lay down the “business” on this topic of confusion. All women dead set on videogames being the spawn of the devil take notice. If you want to know what a guy (me at least) that plays games thinks or how he views this, pull out your notepad and take a view notes. You need it in the worst way. Gamers who so happen to be women, this is not for you. This is for the other lot who just don’t understand. If you can explain this, be our guest.

*The following may not be appropriate for all audiences.

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