Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Achievements

Achievement Time! X360A has posted the achievements for Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2. At first glance the achievements seem pretty standard. The pictures for the achievements(which are medals) will carry over from Rainbow Six Vegas 1.

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Achievements [X360A]

[Via Kotaku]

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Boy Kissing Achievement in Bully, oh boy!

Rockstar Games is no stranger to controversy for some odd reason (*cough GTA in general/ Hot Coffee *cough). This time around is one of the achievements found in the upcoming Bully Scholarship Edition. By some “coincidence”, the folks over at Gaygamer have noticed that one of the achievements listed by IGN for the Xbox 360 version of the game rewards you with 20 points for kissing 20 “gents”.

Over the Rainbow Receive 20 kisses from the gents. 20

Obviously, Gaygamer is pretty happy about this with their title of “Dreams can come true”.

[Via Gaygamer]

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Top Gamerscore Whore selling banned account

Kotaku is reporting that top Gamerscore Whore formerly known as “StripClubDj” is strapped for cash and is selling his banned xbox live gamertag “StripClubDj” which has a gamerscore of 245,825.

Here is a message that DJ(now under the gamertag “InfamousDj”) sent to the person who tipped off Kotaku.

I received this message from StripClubDJ: Tag for sale “I cant sign onto live but it still works and it is #1” if you know anyone that is interested tell them to contact me. And this message from InfamousDJ (his unbanned account):Tag for sale stripClubDj “I cant sign onto live but it still works and it is #1” if you know anyone that is interested tell them to contact me. U can play offline and update score threw banned window.

What do you say about this?

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It is here: Mass Effect Achievements


I’ve been posting about Mass Effect for the past few weeks now and what we see here is a full list of official achievements. Some of them are interesting; and then of course some are the standard ones you see alike in almost every game. I should warn you, however, these contain some spoiler information; so if you want to be surprised don’t click after the break. Then again, if you don’t care; by all means jump ahead!

Jereme “Restless Devil” Puik

[Via DaKing240s Blog and Destructoid]

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A new Assassin’s Creed site appears

The mystery surrounding what is supposedly the Assassin’s Creed story has gotten a nice kick in the butt. Appearing at an Ubi.com address is a new flash site that somewhat reveals some of that super secret plot that lots of gamers are still fuzzy on. Once visited you’ll be greeted with a message that says “Nothing is true. Everything is permitted”, amidst what seems to be DNA strains that phase in and out behind a bloody floating feather followed by “Be prepared”. What does it all mean? Unless your on the inside of the development of the game, who knows as of yet.

Luckily the achievement list for the game is available from the trustee folks at Xbox360Achievements. Going by some of the achievements like

Absolute Symbiosis 45
Have a complete Synchronization bar.


Hungerer of Knowledge 20
See 85% of all the memory glitches.

, the theory of the game having a underlying memory/DNA reenactment plot all the more plausible. The full details are only to be seen once those who choose to pick it up on November, 14, but it never hurts to speculate.

Full Achievement list [Xbox360achievements]

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Rock Band Achievements are here, DaKing240 strikes again

Achievement Guru “DaKing240” released the achievements for MTV’s Rock Band. DaKing240 is so good that he beat MTV to the punch with these achievements and I tip my hat off to him. The achievements reveal which cities the gig’s take place in plus other types. Good Job King!

Rock Band Achievements [DaKing240]

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The Simpsons Game achievements

Achievement hunters, up and adam or is that up and atom! The Simpsons Game is close to its release on the Xbox 360 and just so happen the achievement list is here by way of DaKing240. By the looks of the list, this game is a virtual cornucopia of Simpsons inside jokes from throughout the history of the Simpsons for the fans of the neverending series. The full list of 44 achievements are after the break.

US: October 30, 2007
Europe: November 2, 2007
Australia: November 8, 2007

[Via Daking240]

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