Deals, Deals, and more Deals

Amazon right now is holding some Golden Box deals which you must jump on top of immediately. Call of Duty 4:GOTY edition is selling for about $39.99 and currently Rainbow Six:Vegas 2 is going for $29.99. I bet the games are selling quick so take a look around. Keep your eye on this page because more deals will be popping up throughout the day. Gold Box Deals [Amazon]

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1600 MS Points for $14.99 this week at Target

Target has a super sweet deal this week which can save you some dollars. Expiring on May 31st is a deal which you go into any Target store and purchase 1600 MS Points for $14.99 plus tax. As the saying goes, “Jump on it”.

[Via Joystiq] and [Geo on the TXD community site]

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360 to get Price Drop in Europe


For all you gamers in Europe lokoing to delve into the Xbox 360. Now, might be a great time to purchase one if you live in Europe. It was officially announced that all SKUs of the 360 console will recieve a price drop this friday.

  • Xbox 360 Arcade – was €269.99 / £199.99 ($414) now €199.99 / £159.99 ($307)
  • Xbox 360 Pro – was: €349.99 / £249.99 ($536) now: €269.99 / £199.99 ($414)
  • Xbox 360 Elite – was: €449.99 / £299.99 ($691) now: €369.99 / £259.99 ($566)
  • Get out there and get yourself a 360, if you haven’t already, all you crazy europeans. 😉

    [Via Joystiq]

    Jereme “Restless Devil” Puik

    United Kingdom gets sweet 360 Deal

    If you Pre-Order Lost Odyssey at your local HMV by this Friday you will find yourself with 1000 MS Points. I haven’t seen confirmation of the “Pre-Order, Cancel Pre-Order, Keep Goody” tactic working but it’s worth a try.

    Pre-Order Lost Odyssey and get MS Points [Eurogamer]

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    13 Months of Xbox Live for $38.75(Free Shipping)

    Kotaku’s Mark Wilson posted about this super crazy deal which you might want to jump on. is selling 13 month(12+1) Xbox Live subscriptions for $38.75(free shipping). If your Xbox Live was going to expire you should make the best of this deal.

    Buy 13 month Xbox Live Subscription []

    [Via Kotaku]

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    John Woo’s Stranglehold now $29.99

    If you check out the Gamestop website you will see that John Woo’s Stranglehold is currently going for $29.99. Now if only they made that DLC a bit more cheaper. The game received lukewarm responses but $29 seems fair. Right?

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    Buy Bioshock and get The Darkness for free

    I know there is a lot of great games coming out like Assassin’s Creed and Mass Effect, so your funds might be running low. But this is a deal you just cant pass. Whether you want to buy it as a Christmas gift, or not, this is still a great deal. Over at they are offering Bioshock for $49.99 and will throw in The Darkness for free. That is $50 shipped! If you cant wait for it to come in the mail you can purchase it at EB/Gamestop or Fry’s for $59.99and pick it up there.

    [via CAG]

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