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Not much is known about the one called “Thrills Killa”. Some say he’s a legend, others say a legend in his own mind.

About William Bell:

After finally getting my NES in 1987 I was in heaven, up until I saw Sonic the Hedgehog on the Genesis. I quickly jumped to Sega and road their ship as a devoted Sega fanboy. The Saturn came and I loved it. The Dreamcast came and I loved that even more, especially Soul Calibur and Jet (set) Grind Radio. Once Sega broke my heart and left the console hardware business in 2000, I became a PC only gamer.

Building several computers between then and now, I decided to jump back into console gaming when I saw that the only place I could play Splinter Cell at the time was the Xbox. Since then I have preferred Xbox over the other platforms, even though I do own a PS2 and Gamecube as well.

My interest in online gaming started with the Dreamcast and Sega net, then moved on to the PC where I became very accustomed to playing with other people. Just so happen the Xbox had just started to offer what I had grown to like about PC gaming. This leads me into now where I still can’t get enough of Xbox Live, because it has the best online console experience available.


E-mail- willtheme@gmail.com

About Brandon Petesch:

I’m currently attending Indiana University as a sophomore, and when I’m not busy with school I like to play all sorts of games. I prefer FPS games such as Halo and Rainbow Six. I am also a big fan of any RPG, what turned me on to those were the exceptional gameplay of Final Fantasy. Third Person games such as Gears of War and Splinter Cell are also on the top of the list with Halo and Rainbow. Recently I have been playing more casual games on my Wii and am looking to jump back into the portable gaming market soon enough.

I first got turned onto video games after playing Super Mario Bros. on the Super Nintendo and my addiction evolved onto the N64 playing hit titles like Goldeneye and Ocarina of Time. I played the occasional Sonic game on the dreamcast and with the arrival of online play on the original Xbox I couldn’t take myself away. I remember some of my first all-nighters on the original Rainbow Six and have been playing online ever since.

Gamertag: Hoosierdaddy812

Email- b.petesch@gmail.com

About Jerome Francisco:

I’ve been a gamer since the day i first picked up a controller. I grew up playing the NES and the Sega Master System. Enjoying great classics like Mario Bros and Shinobi. I believe growing up around the same time video games began to bloom, is what had gotten me so hooked. But never has a game made such an impact on me like Chrono Trigger. The first RPG i had ever touched and a great one at that. I really thought I was experiencing something new and couldn’t imagine how things could get any better after this. Loving the game so much, i adopted the name Magus as my alias and still use it to this day.

I continued to play consoles up until the Dreamcast had released. Feeling that the games that were being created weren’t as moving as they used to be, also with the lack of funding, i moved onto PC games like Infantry Zone, Ragnarok Online and Counter Strike.

After spending a great deal of time with PCs and with the release of games like Halo i was able to make the jump back onto consoles. And with the release of Halo 2 i found myself hooked on Xbox Live and part of a growing community. Picking up an Xbox 360 was only the smart thing to do and here you can find me on a daily basis on the gamertag, Magus JCF.

I wouldn’t consider myself a professional gamer, but i frequently find myself at top of the list on First-Person-Shooters. I would love play at a competitive level, but it hasn’t been something i have pursued. I’m open to play and make friends with gamers with a similar skill level. Heck, I’m willing to make friends with everyone, so throw a friend request my way! My greatest enjoyment comes when i lose, but remember Scorpios are vengeful. So in the next round, tread safely, my gun may be pointed your way.

Gamertag: Magus JCF

Email: Artistixj@yahoo.com

About Matthew Moore:

I attend a local High School in Augusta GA as a junior. Outside of school I fill my nights with endless gaming, continuous web surfing, and uncanny comic book reading. My favorite games on 360 are Gears of War, GRAW 2 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance(for reasons of absolute comic geekasm). I am a huge advocate of downloadable content that’s enticing, creative and affordable.

I have always looked for a rich and interesting story when I jump into a game. Halo and Gears of War most recently used a form of story telling that is more subtle and seen through the surroundings. The setting entices you and makes you care about the characters (some more than others). Others tell a rich story mainly through characters such as Rockstar’s Bully. I enjoy both formulas but hate shallow gameplay with great stories.

I got my gaming start playing Super Nintendo with games like Street Fighter 2 and Megaman X. I switched from Nintendo to PS1 then back to N64. Final last generation I chose Gamecube, but I ultimately felt as if I was missing something in the online area. I loved games such as Super Smash Brother Melee but wondered why I was limited to only playing these games with the people next to me.

Finally I bought an Xbox 360 to meet that gap of an online experience in my entertainment of choice. Overall I have been happy with my choice and am hoping that I continue to be satisfied. Although I despise fanboyism (I doubt that’s even a word) I prefer to play games on 360 for achievements and the unified online service.

Gamertag – Webnet

Email – Webnet10years@gmail.com

About David Wetty:

My name is David “Whet Wurm” Wetty and I’ve been gaming since I was 8 years old. My first system was the Sega Master System and I was hooked on Fantasy Zone. I haven’t stopped gaming since. I’ve owned every system not made by Nintendo or Atari (yes, even the Sega 32-X and Sega-CD). After the fall of the Dreamcast (long live my Dreamcast!!!), I played PS2 and Xbox. Xbox won my heart with its 5.1 audio, better graphics and HUGE controller. As a result, I’m an Xbox360 fanboy. No PS3 for me until they actually make some interesting games (WipEout and Twisted Metal please?) and I’m not interested in the Wii just yet… maybe Wii2. I’m totally hooked on Xbox Live Arcade and look forward to helping out The Xbox Domain with the PR and XBLA sections. Thanks!

Gamertag- Whet Wurm

whetwurm [at] yahoo [dot] com

About Jen Allen

My name is Jen ‘Haly’ Allen and I’ve been gaming about 17 years now. I’ve gone through plenty of different systems ranging from a Commodore 64 I used to code games on, Gameboy, Megadrive/Genesis, SNES, PS1, Dreamcast, N64, PS2, X-Box, Gamecube, DS and now the 360. You name it really! A lot of my fondest memories of my childhood involve video games and happy summers spent playing multiplayer Goldeneye with a friend. Until the 360 came along, I was never very interested in online console gaming. I was hooked on Everquest 1 and Counterstrike on the PC for quite a few years though. Now the 360’s happily on my desk, I love playing most games online, although I’m usually pretty average despite so much playtime! I’m a huge RPG fan (with my favourites being Final Fantasy VII, Chrono Trigger and Star Ocean 2) and a bit of an achievement whore. I generally love games with deep stories that really engross me, the kind of games that when I finish there’s a tiny gap left that was filled by that great game. Most recently this has been with games like Mass Effect and Bioshock.

For me, gameplay and story is always more important than the graphics although I appreciate how much they help a good story. I’d like to purchase a Wii at some point but for now the 360 offers everything I want, I love the range of arcade games on offer meaning there’s always a casual game I can play if I just want a 10 minute bash at something.

For now, I just own the 360, a PS2, Gamecube and a DS. There’s too many different games I’m playing at the moment, but feel free to add my gamertag Haly x3h as I’m often about.

Gamertag- Haly x3h

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