The Gears’ Tutor

James Caron, also know by his Xbox Live persona as TLR ClouD1, dominated the opposition in Major League Gaming (MLG) while playing the first Gears of War.  Now that the sequel has rolled around, James has expanded his horizons on Xbox Live by teaching others the art of the curb stomp.  Through starting his own Gears tutoring service, he hopes to not only find the “next big talent” in the pro gaming scene, but also help the casual and pro alike improve upon their skills.  While James isn’t rolling in the money from his tutoring service, considering it more as a side project, he has won a “goodly amount of money/prizes/respect” during his MLG career.  However, James sees a bright future for himself but also the industry of game tutoring.  He believes that as the game industry as a whole grows and develops, more people would desire the “opportunity” to not only become better at games but also compete to be the best.

Matthew “Webnet” Moore
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