Star Wars: The Force Unleashed unleashes it’s wrath on Xbox Live

I’m not the biggest Star Wars fan, but I’ve been keeping a watchful eye on the progress of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. I’m dying to execute some chokeholds with the force.

+1 for force beatdowns.

The demo is about 904.62 MB in size.

[Via Major Nelson]

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

6 Responses

  1. It’s brief…but amazing.

  2. Game is fantastic, but I must bring up this point once again. The lack of realistic Lightsaber Damage (Amputation) just ruins the game. How in God’s name does it take 3 Lightsaber Strikes to kill a single Stormtrooper on the Default Difficulty Setting?!

    And there won’t even be a PC version so the Modding Community can’t release a Realistic Combat Mod like what they did for Jedi Outcast back in the day.

    Because of this and the lack of any form of Multiplayer, this game is only a rental for me. You disappoint me LucasArts.

  3. I pretty much detest Star Wars not because the story is weak, but because George Lucas bent the series over a log and made it squeal like a pig… Honestly, Ep. 1 – 3 were crap compared to Ep. 4 – 6.

    Anyway, this game really makes me love Star Wars again. It’s brilliant. I’ll have to rent it.

  4. agreed with the very big disapointment, long time waiting for another let down. Glad I’m staying away from this and too human. Its taken them so long to do it but they have left the enjoyment out of both games.

  5. All 6 Episodes were GREAT. Its a story of one man. without Ep1-3, Ep4-6 are just unfinished stories considering they are the end. The DEMO rules by the way. and Too Human ROCKS …………..

  6. Yeah… About the amputation thing…Lucasarts just wants to keep the game rated T. Besides, in the movies you don’t see any gore and I don’t expect much different in this game. I like the Demo. But, having a sibling, the lack of a multiplayer mode may stop me from buying this game.

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