A quick word on Too Human

Here’s a few quick words for the Too Human nay-sayers out there. The game is fun! That’s right, it’s fun. And that’s coming from someone who hates the word fun, because it’s usually a cop out word used when no real opinion is going to be offered up or more than likely because it’s way to easy to use the word fun. So what’s this all about? It’s about giving this game a chance.

Too Human does one thing really right and that’s one thing it alt to get right above all else. It makes you feel like a F-ing badass not some of the time, but all of the freaking time. Sliding along the floor toward one group of enemies to give them a beat down only to turn around and do the same to the group behind you, then knock the next group up in the air to air juggle them with your pistols can’t feel any better. Hearing what the “group think” is doing to this game’s reputation is despicable. Sure, it has some faults much the same as every other game ever made. The camera can get unwieldy at times and the menu system for upgrading your skills and equipment can be confusing to say the least. After saying that though, much of it’s faults can easily be over looked as you take Buldar through each environment kicking all kinds of ass.

If anything, it’s nice to know now that I’m not alone. I’m not alone, am I? I had second thoughts about picking this game up on Tuesday so I waited until Wednesday night. If not one day, don’t wait forever, because you’ll be missing out on some great “fun”.

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

18 Responses

  1. FUN? Bah Humbug at FUN! Video Games are Serious Business!

  2. I was going to pick the game up this weekend but after reading the reviews I started to wonder if I would be regretting buying it instead of renting it. However all the positive user reviews and a few friends I know online that have the game have convinced me that I won’t regret buying it.

  3. I’m renting it on Friday, the demo didn’t impress me too much.

  4. Paustinj: The demo was alright but once you get beyond that and start to get your character leveled up more it’s fantastic to see some of the stuff you can do depending on how you customize your characters attributes. I sat there for a minute trying to decide if I wanted to be biotic or human once I got to that point. The customization is crazy deep and to think the action makes me forget that I’m playing an RPG. 10 foot poles aren’t nearly enough most of the time until this game.

  5. I’m still on the fence. I don’t know.

  6. I’ve been hooked on Bad Company and Madden these days.

  7. I haven’t played COD4 like I thought I would so I passed on Bad Company. I’ve declared to not buy Madden this year. If that’ll last is yet to be seen. 😉

  8. I played the demo this morning, and I had alot of fun.
    And honestly, this game is hard to get your hands on in my area.
    However, its def not worth 60 bucks.
    I’d buy this for 20 tops.

  9. Its amazing how many different opinions people are having about this game.

    One trend you’ll notice though, those that are ranking it low seem to not know what the heck they’re talking about.

    The stuff they complain about is either bogus or has a work around…guess there is a fine line between people who like a challenging dungeon crawlers and those that don’t…why review a game in a genre you hate?

  10. ive been on the fence too, the ign review kinda help me choose that i might pass on it. i hate it when your enemies level with you, really dampens the whole leveling process for me…

  11. I played for 7 hours straight yesterday……I think there is some fun to be had.

  12. I just read that the Story is cut out during Co-op, F’ing Lame. Because the only reason I want to play this is the Story and the Co-op. -.-

  13. I’ll get this one once I can nab a free or very cheap copy. Too many other games coming out.

  14. passin on this onje, know i got an extra week towat for it, but demo imo was poor, too much hype on the game and it ended up lookin average, nothing special at all. far too many games coming out over the nxt 8 weeks to worry bout something that doesnt stand out or move in a decent way, or even one with decent camera angles! lol

  15. The game is a lot different in Co-op or even just free play.

    There is a ton more enemies, walls where there wasn’t walls before, and yes…they cut the story out of Co-op.

    Once you see it once, you really don’t want to get dragged into it again.

  16. I guess Kevin Pereira agrees with you> Via Sarcasticgamer.com.


    Myself, I enjoyed the heck out of the demo. I had issues with the cameras, targeting and some of the strange “story/adventure mode camera angles”, but I still enjoyed it.

    Now I’m sitting here waiting to hear the UPS man pull up with my copy.


  17. Heck, I left the comment without noting you’d already watched Pereira. Sorry about that.

  18. personally hated the demo, crap camera angles, crap movement, not a game I see as a worthwhile investment especially since they took so long to make it. Since it took so long to make, why does it look so old and poor?
    Maybe in a year or two when I see it for £5 I might buy it to use as a drinks coaster …. lol

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