Win Fable 2 Pub Games code

Fable 2 Pub games

Fable 2 Pub games

The Fable 2 Pub Games are out on Xbox Live Arcade and wouldn’t it be nice if you could get in on the action for the low low cost of free (without a pre-order)? Of course it would. Long time Xbox Domain reader Geo is running a contest where you’ll have a chance to win one of two codes he’ll be giving away each day. As of this writing 12 more days are left. Head on over to The World of Geo forums for more details. Registering and posting in the thread each day is all it takes to enter. Good Luck!

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

4 Responses

  1. Day 3 is started! Day 4 will be something easier.

  2. hey will did you already posted the “secret” ?

  3. I’m in.

  4. broodichlife: Nope. All of the set backs for this “secret” are astounding. The plan is now at least two month’s behind what I wanted. It’s been scraped and redone 3 times. Nevertheless, everyone will “get it” all at once. If that makes since. If you go back and read Part 1 of my P vs C stuff, I hinted at it quite a bit.

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