The Press vs. Community (Part 1)

When I started doing this my goals were not to simply be just another writer/blogger that writes news just as every other person out there. Why should you come to this site vs anyone else? News is fine and all, but that is not what drives me to do what I do. When or if news breaks sure we’ll write about (not a much as of late and you’ll find out why), but nothing is more important “to me” than everything else that’s evolved with this job. As I said, news is not what drives me and it is most definitely a job of passion and immense work regardless.

If you’ve noticed what I’ve been doing here you should have noticed that I’ve been sprinkling in pieces like Rant Central and Beyond Xbox with many more other features to come. In a perfect “Will” world I’d never write about news unless the topic at hand directly correlates. News is news and you can get that pretty much anywhere. I’m not going to lie. If you want to get your news somewhere else have at it. That’s not why I’m here and it shouldn’t be the reason you might be reading this. After your done reading this you may think what does any of this mean to you? Well, what this means to you is everything.

We want this site to be the best site out there and that doesn’t mean we need ton’s of bells and whistles with dancing doggies and webcam girls flashing across your screen either. Content is what I’m in this for. Not ordinary content as I said above, but content that has an impact on you once your long done viewing it whether your sitting on this site waiting for that next update or not. The reason this site has been on the “down low” recently is to take the time to make this thing better for you, the reader, and our staff. ” Free Hats” are the start. We’re not making one red cent with this site at the moment and that’s not why I’m here now or why I’ve been here for the last two years now. Spinning my wit into a certain post isn’t what drives me either, even if it is fun.

Using the knowledge I have about this industry along with that “wit” is what drives me. That number up there could disappear and I wouldn’t notice. I haven’t cared about stats in well over a year and a half. I listen to and/or read other writers at other sites and quite often I’m left with a bewildering feeling, because I know I know just as much if not more and write just as well as any of them. Why aren’t people like us being picked up when clearly lots of us are obviously qualified. Then I look at someone like Leigh Alexander who is back at GameSetWatch now and I have no problem looking up at her knowing that’s what I want for myself. Am I in the league of the best? No, not yet, but that’s yet another thing that drives me. As far as the Xbox Domain, this may not mean anything to you still, but again it’s the route of the problem.

Speaking for myself only, I’d surely love to be in the same shoes as any of the guys and gals at any of the top sites. Unfortunately as the rest of the world works, everything is about “Mo money Mo money”, and there’s no escaping that. And to make matters worse, no one can do it by themselves (or two or three). Nearly every word I’ve written here has and will be for at least the foreseeable future be written in the time any “normal person” would be asleep no to mention my only time to sleep is during the day when all of the action is really happening. So, I hope you see the dilemma for myself. I’m no doubt hardly alone in this so when you persist to (I’m not accusing any of our readers) “let us have it for not updating more than it may be at any given time”, think before you question. Believe me every waking moment I have is trying to figure out how to stop living like a vampire in the time I currently do have to hopefully create content that’s unique. Would I like to see some of the best no matter who or how their labeled work together as one and not as a bunch of pea shooters trying to take down a giant beehive? Sure, if they’d accept a possible offer I’d demand it in less then a heartbeat, but yet again that probably won’t happen because of our good friend “Mo money Mo money”. Would you work for free when you know your not being treated the same as the competition?

As soon as I have a connection again part 2 is next. Are you pissed at me yet? If not, you might be after what’s next. The so-called “Press” are next.

-WIlliam “thewilleffect” Bell-

5 Responses

  1. Hrm… Need a set of plastic fangs? I can go find a nearby emo to bum a pair off of.

  2. I just read The Truth. On with part 2!

  3. Well said Will

  4. I’m going to have to agree with you on this man. Very Well Said.

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