The Xbox Triple60 60gb confirmed, Chad Warden cries

In grand ole Microsoft leaky fashion, we’ve known about a $50 price cut for the 360 for a few weeks thanks to early printed circulars and rumors of a 60gb hard drive upgrade. The now middle option Xbox 360 that comes with a 20gb hard drive will be price slashed down to $299 in the U.S. and Canada while supplies last to be replaced by a new configuration that will include the three times as large 60gb hard drive for the same $349.

What this has to do with Chad Warden (if you must know who he is behold all that is a search engine of your choice) is that it has nothing to do with Chad Warden, but now that a hard drive equipped 360 can now be picked up for $299 maybe those like him will wise up and finally get what’s arguably “the best”. If you’ve been on the fence chances are your not reading this, but if you have yet to experience the Xbox 360 are you now game?

Xbox 360 console now offers triple the storage []

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

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