Xbox 360 DRM tool finally hits

Vodpod videos no longer available.

If you’ve been snagged by the DRM bug like so many have, you should be happy to know that a “real” fix for this issue is now available. If you’ve had a console repair or are on another 360 for some other reason this is for you. No more having to be signed in to Live when it shouldn’t be necessary when you already own the content. It’s not exactly a push the big red button process, but it should be something that any can understand. Watch the video above for the lowdown as brought to you by Major Nelson. Head here to start the process.

Does Major Nelson seem kind of robotic or is it me? Is Larry a Cylon? The world may never know. No Tootsie Pop found here folks. Major Nelson is the fifth I tell you. Okay, now back to the secret lair. 🙂

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

15 Responses

  1. That is BS and a half, having to redownload everything is overkill. Unless your harddrive/memorycard breaks you shouldn’t have to do that. Massive thumbs down to Microsoft.

  2. Wow i was actually happy for a second until i saw that you have to re-download everything. B to the massive S.

  3. Yea. Thats just stupid and annoying. I don’t understand why you can’t just run something on the HDD/Memorycard. If I have to do that thanks to my 360s death, I may never buy MS Points again.

  4. Im just mad that Major Nelson is the fith of the final 5 cylons . I thought it was someone else ….who knew.

  5. lame

  6. dude how much time till u tell us your secret : (

  7. nacho: I’d hate to say be patient, but be patient. In due time.

  8. secret – theps3domain

  9. ok then. ill be patient

  10. ok this is getting rediculus on how long your making us wait.

  11. RonJeremy511: If I told you anymore it would ruin it. Trust me you should be happy. Trust me, we aren’t lolly gagging around in the showering of money this makes us. It’s quite the opposite.

    In the mean time our forum is still there. It’s a shame how many people have yet to utilize it. You can write about what you want to talk about with your own user blog, upload images, music, and video as well. It’s not just a standard forum.

  12. How much longer until your secret of (hopefully) epic proportions is revealed?

  13. Burndem: Remember, we never said epic proportions. Cool is more like it.

  14. what a load of ballax … yes finally got the drm sorted, only allowed to do it once in 12 months … and guess what … RRoD hit me, so returned the console … and got a different console back today BAR STEWARDS now i cant transfer again FFS what a load of crap.

  15. its xbox domain, its guna be epic AND cool….

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