And we’re back

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Its been nearly a week since the last post here at The Xbox Domain and a lot has happened since then, so here is a quick recap of what we’ve missed. There’s more to say for sure, but you’ll here about that at a later time. Hopefully you’ll like it. Until then, here’s a quick and dirty recap.

There’s more, but the show most go on so “they” say.

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

4 Responses

  1. Flattering pic haha.
    Endwars Leaker footage is now gone..if you saw it…then your jaw is still on the floor like mine.

  2. what was the vid on, im in the beta and playin it, was it just a vid of it?!

  3. pasz: I believe so. I unfortunately didn’t get to see it for myself. That’s when my schedule comes back to bite me in the ass once again.

  4. lmao, alrihgt, anyone here in the beta, cause id love to join up and play a game with ya. so far, loving it, much better than I ever expected it to be

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