Two MS execs get promoted, one leaves the party

Shane Kim left- Phil Spencer middle- Jeff Bell right

Things are changing in the land of Xbox with Shane Kim ( former Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Game Studios) moving up the latter to a newly-created position of corporate VP of Strategy and Business Development for Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business. A mouthful to swallow, yes, but this also means that Phil Spencer will now be taking over at the head for Microsoft Game Studios.

“I am taking a newly-created position within the Interactive Entertainment business,” said Kim. “I’ll be leaving my position as the leader of Microsoft Game Studios to run strategy and business development for the overall Interactive Entertainment business. I’ll continue to report to Don [Mattrick].

“As a result of that, Phil Spencer, who has been a longtime member of Microsoft Game Studios and has worked very closely with me since I assumed leadership, will be taking over at MGS – which is a tremendous for him personally, and for the organisation.

Definitely worth mentioning is the leaving of Corporate VP of Global Marketing Jeff Bell, as he is to “pursue new opportunities”. What that means is yet to be known. Lets just say that the wealth of jokes good and bad have probably seen their last day.

[Via Gamesindustry Biz]

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

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