New XBLA title “The Maw” announced

In an effort to fulfill the original quota of the Xbox Live Arcade to bring forth original content, Twisted Pixel Games is bringing the likes of “The  Maw”.

In this full featured 3D action adventure, players take control of Frank, a simple alien that must partner up with The Maw, a cute little blob with an insatiable hunger that makes him the most dangerous creature in the galaxy. Players will need to harness The Maw’s unstoppable growth and the incredible powers he earns, in order to help Frank find his way home.

“We’re really excited that The Maw will be our first original title – I think it’s a great example of the types of character-driven, content-packed experiences we want to deliver,” said the studio’s CCO and Director Josh Bear. “Because it’s such a focus for us, our characters exhibit more personality and humor than any of the other retail game I’ve worked on in the past.”

There you have it folks. More original content is coming to Xbox Live Arcade. Until then, lets hope your having as much fun saying “The Maw” as I am. An image gallery can be found after the break.

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

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