Too Human pre-order details

For those looking to pick up the long over due Action RPG Too Human on August 19th (shortly after outside North America) a pre-order incentive is in the cards. Pre-ordering at participating retailers will give you access to five exclusive sets of armor that correspond to each character class in the game as explained by Chris Paladino above. If you’re against pre-orders move along. If not, you have one more reason to do so.

[Via Gamerscore Blog]

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

2 Responses

  1. I don’t think there’s anyone that’s doing more than renting this game at this point without a demo. This game has just been so here and there since it’s introduction.

  2. Personally I’m going to be picking it up. The recent trailers for it look great and I’m definitely in the mood for a game of this type. Plus all of the hands-ons with it in recent times have been pretty positive.

    I plan on pre-ordering it. If the game winds up getting universally panned I can always cancel that lol.

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