New Saints Row 2 Trailer “Pokes Fun” At GTA IV

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Grand Theft Auto IV has gotten tons of praise and accolades for being the great game that it is. 10’s this and 10’s that. Even so, the game is far from a complete blissful experience that some may try to sell you. Then bring in Saints Row 2. Only being frank, how in the hell is this game supposed to survive underneath the shadow of immense hype that GTA IV has garnered? Well. it seems that Saints Row has that covered. Or at least it does a pretty good job of trying to do so and be pretty accurate at the same time. Who knew the missing piece of GTA was insurance fraud. I guess Saints Row 2 has nothing to fear, but more Gary Busey. The possibility of not being very good. No problem.

[Via All Games Radio]

-William “thewillleffect” Bell-

3 Responses

  1. Wow haha.
    That was simply amazing.

  2. They speak the truth but I need a demo or some straight up gameplay footage if this game wants to be more than just a rental.

  3. lolol mint. mines already on preorder, hopin it surpasses what gta had and lasts longer – got bored of gta after 1 month lets see what this one does when it finally arrives

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