Rant Central #11: 10 or nothing

Level 11 loaded……

*Thanks to XBD reader Geo for sparking this over at the XBD forums.

There is “one thing” in this videogame world that threatens to undermine the entire establishment and what that one thing is should be absurdly familiar to everyone. Over the years as the videogame industry has progressed, we’ve come to a point were there seems to be this abundance of jadedness when it comes to the all mighty “10” review score. What’s a 10? What isn’t a 10? Should there even be a 10 score? And so on. It’s save to say that the very foundation of this great medium we’ve all watched blossom is being eaten alive be those very same people who call themselves hardcore. 10 or nothing has to stop and it needs to stop right now!

Do you remember when you where a kid? If you’re still a kid you may be living this right now (Manchild’s excluded).Do you remember when you had that one game you looked forward to playing day in and day out for months at a time. Then again, that game never got old and/or may have not been very good, but you were happy at the simple fact that you where playing a videogame. It may have been your only game. It may have been the only game you where going to get that year period. So, where has all of this jadedness come from that can be seen from the likes of even the most esteemed gaming journalist? (I looking at you Chris Grant and Justin McElroy)

Over the years, those same kids have sense grown up to become adults and what have we brought forth from that childhood? Nothing it seems. As most adults that have come before us, everything has turned into this megalithic fight for our money. It’s never been so obvious once you become responsible for you and/or your own kids well being. The joy of just being able to play a videogame has begun to elude us beyond even the mightiest of fury that any punch from Mike Tyson’s Punch Out could ever dish. So what has gone wrong?

Since when did everything not count if it isn’t perfect or revolutionize in some way? Hasn’t anyone thought to themselves why it’s so hard for us to be pleased these days? It wasn’t that long ago when you where happy to be playing a game period. Let alone the next coming of videogame cometh. How many times did you get a game that you really didn’t care for, but forced yourself to like over time, because that was all you had? True revolutionaries only come around from time to time, but it seems that we’ve all conditioned ourselves some how that they come with every release or should come with every release. Simply put, iteration overtime is what ultimately turns into that “next step” once creativity finally grasps the technology curve its always trying to catch up to.

The fun of playing a game itself used to be the pinnacle of all that we needed to be happy with. Sure, we knew what was bad back then, but it didn’t matter so much back when. You didn’t feel the burn of your wallet as our parents were the ones to feel it instead. Luckily for them in most cases, they hadn’t a clue as to what a good or bad game was anyway (funny how things have yet to change). And now that lots of us have turned that notion on its head with us now being the one’s to bear the brunt of this financial heart burn, why is it that we feel so taken a back when a game comes out that don’t live up to the hype that we ourselves create as that next great thing when what we remember as being so great is skewed from classic nostalgia. Lets get off the mushrooms before we forget that “we choose” what we buy, not buy what game publishers chose for us to buy.

Shrouded in kid filled happy thoughts that not even Peter Pan could dream up this is drowning us inch by inch everyday. We remember the great times off old ilk, but piss all over what comes now like the old man at the corner shop telling his fanciful stories of yesteryear when everything was all better. Do we not realize that we’ve turned into that very old man who is never satisfied, because what came before is never going to be topped, even though the games of today are light years ahead of what we hold so dear.

Why yes, this wasn’t so much of a rant as much as its really a wake up call, it begs to ask one thing. What happen to the kid in us that used to play videogames because they were fun and unlike anything else out there? WAKE UP! There’s no need for a red pill in this case, because it seems we’ve already chosen to stay in wonderland indefinitely.

Level 11 done…….. Level 12 loading…………

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

2 Responses

  1. I think our problem is that as kids we didn’t necessarily work as much for our games, and the FACT we got less made each one that much better. Now that we have more choices and we choose our own games, we feel differently.

    Anyways, within a few days, R.I.P. Geo’s first 360. Its getting signs of the RRoD.

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