Double D Dodgeball Announced

It looks like we have two Dodgeball themed Xbox Live Arcade titles coming out this summer. Yukes has announced Double D Dodgeball for the Xbox Live Arcade which will be coming out this summer. The game features over eight participants in multiplayer modes, different ball types/courts and much more.

I used to love hitting the weaklings playing Dodgeball back in High School and now I can sort of relive those days with some crazy animated Dodgeball action.

Want more deets on Double D?

Double D Dodgeball features will include:

Eight-person multiplayer

Four modes: Exhibition, Player Match, Ranked Match and Tournament

GamerScore achievements and online leaderboards

Four ball types with multiple playing surfaces

Select between Eastern and Western rules


West Arena:

· Traditional method where two teams square off in an arena separated by a center line.

· Hit an opponent to knock them out.

· “Out” players are sent to the sidelines located behind their team’s side of the court.

· Return when a teammate knocks out an opponent.

East Arena:

· Arena contains a center line, and an outfield located around the outside of the court.

· One player from each team starts in the opponent’s outfield and can throw balls at the other team.

· ”Out” players are sent to the outfield. Hit an opponent from there to reenter the match.

Click on the Screenshots below to enlarge.

[Via Press Release]

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

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  1. no thx, ill wait for pirate version if any.

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