[update 3] Contest: Your Wit vs Your Wager

Courtesy of North Star Games (Creators of Wits and Wagers) is the Your Wit vs Your Wager Contest. No supreme complexity here folks. This is going to be straight forward.


  • 1st = 1 copy of the XBLA version of Wits and Wagers and 1 copy of the Wits and Wagers Board Game
  • 2nd = 1 copy of the XBLA version of Wits and Wagers
  • 3rd = 1 copy of the XBLA version of Wits and Wagers


Make a comment on this post with a guess as to how many posts The Xbox Domain has posted as of this post. Just like Wits and Wagers, if you go over no dice. If not, the first three with or closest to the answer will get a download code for the full XBLA game of Wits and Wagers. To get the boardgame of Wits and Wagers as well, you’ll need to be the closest to answer correctly and be the first to do so.

[update] Here’s a hint. 1-6,000

[update 2] The contest will go until the end of tomorrow night (5-30-08). At that point the following morning I’ll give the winners there prizes and let everyone else know what the top 3 were. Until then, happy wagering.

[update 3] Times up. No more guesses please.

If you’re a Witty dedicated Xbox Domain reader you just might have a leg up or just make a wager on what you think is correct. Either way, Good Luck!

*Make sure the email address you submit is correct in case you win.

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

19 Responses

  1. 1,814

  2. 1901

  3. 756 …Not even close I know -_-

  4. I think I’ll second Thrills’ Tee Hee

  5. 1200

  6. 1331

  7. 1978

  8. 1550

  9. 3521 is it

  10. umm… I’m guessing 760 posts.

  11. 2324 Posts…

  12. 1701

  13. Well, sincerely, I don’t understand quite well the question, but here is my guess: 2000

  14. 2500

  15. A few more hours to go. Keep guessing. Twice is fine.

  16. 3340 just in case

  17. […] until this post, the Xbox Domain had logged 3,521 […]

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