Ryu Hayabusa strikes the Xbox Offices

If you ever thought you’d try to double cross Ryu Hayabusa then think again, as you’ll see in the above video from the Gamerscore Blog. It wouldn’t be product placement that causes your demise. Would it? 😉

Xbox Office-Ninja Gaiden’s Ryu is Lazy [Gamerscore Blog]

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

8 Responses

  1. They got what was coming to them.

  2. but, but I lik……..

  3. NO BUTTS! They step on Ryu’s toes, Ryu steps on their necks. ‘Tis the law.

  4. brrraaaaaiiiiinnnnssssss…

  5. Damn…..

    It’s a good thing I’m safe here at argggghhhhhhhhhhhhh

  6. Not the best exampple of product placement…

  7. Poor Tony…. Even though Chris took a pretty nasty shot to the neck.

  8. Photofan: I understand its not literal, but it’s hard not to notice all of the logo’s in the video. I tried. Especially the just so happen to be there Gamercast Network Shirt. It’s a fun video with the most of Dirty Diva that we’ll probably ever see at one time.

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