Penny Arcade Adventures grosses over $330,000 in first 3 days

Some people complained about the price, but Penny Arcade Adventures has gone on to sell over 16 thousand copies in its first week and earn over $330 K in the first three days of its release alone. The $330 K in 3 days figure means that Penny Arcade Adventures now holds the #1 spot for largest earning XBLA debut.

Sure, a 20 dollar game that sells well is going to make money quick, but it goes to show the power of the “Penny Arcade” brand. With this game selling good, Xbox 360 gamers might have to get used to the idea of future XBLA games being priced $15 dollars and up.

With the Xbox Live Arcade limit now sitting pretty at 350 MB, games will now be developed with more content which will increase the price of future games. I don’t mind paying $15 or $20 for a title, but it pretty damned be sure to include tons of content which will give me my money’s worth.

Did anyone here buy the Penny Arcade title? Do you feel it’s giving you your money’s worth?

Penny Arcade Adventures earns $330 K [VG Chartz]

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

5 Responses

  1. Honestly, I don’t know. I’m torn. I would like a bit more content for it, or a discount on other chapters myself.

  2. i dont like how this is encouraging such high prcies though….

  3. I’m sure we will still see “Bite Sized” games which will cost 5-10 bucks, but I don’t doubt that more expensive titles will come.

  4. The demo is awesome, but the game is just too expensive for me :/

  5. I didn’t, it’s not just that this game cost $20, this is but one episode of four planned, if all are priced the same that means that Penny Arcade Adventures: The Rain Slicked Precipice of Darkness will end up costing $80.

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