If it must go, it better be Yaris!

Stop the pain!

Ever since the news of the possible delisting of some Xbox Live Arcade games, its been getting quite a bit of debate going around the “Internetz”. Unfortunately like always, we can’t all agree with each other (more like never agree with each other) and there’s nothing any one of us is going to do about that. And with a list to draw from its only fitting that someone be at one with the decisions from those that are higher above. If some must go, then it should start with “the one”.

So, in this case its worth noting that after some thought as to what can bring all of us together once and for all, I think I may just have the ralling point. Now, I like free. You like free, no doubt. It’s a wonderful thing, until it comes in the form of the Xbox Live Arcade disaster known as Yaris. I’m not one to bash anything, but this abomination needs to go first ( it may not qualify since it’s free). A free chance at some more achievements is not enough. If only this “game” can be stricken from our memories. Until then, let the removal begin immediately. The world will be a better place without it. Please.

*Note: Once a XBLA game gets delisted, it will still be redownloadable from your download history if need be.

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

7 Responses

  1. I’d like Novadrome and Arkadian Warriors to stay myself.

  2. yaris will nvr be booted, conversion rate is 100% so theres no shot. i think they should divide arcade into arcade and origionals, that might help clean up the mess, but chooping it into pieces is only pissing people off

  3. I still can’t figure out why they made Yaris a shooter. If it was just a neat littler Mario Kart-esque racer it could have been fun.

  4. Here’s a list of the actual games being delisted. It sucks!-


  5. Yaris gives me the creeps.

  6. Raymondo: Thanks for the link, but there’s was already a link to our friends at X3F up there who drudged out that list. Thanks again.

  7. kk no probs

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