No spring update this year, plus other changes inbound

By way of Next-Gen, is the sad news that the Xbox 360 “spring”(winter for those in the southern hemisphere) update that has been getting alot of speculative play lately is not to be, in any form fake or not. Speaking with General Manager of Xbox live, Marc Whitten, resources will instead be spent “building the proper infrastructure and scale for the service.” Coming along with this is the “delisting” of “older underperforming titles”. The launching of a 1st party studio that will be focused on high quality digital content creation is on the way. Additionally with the launch of the Penny Arcade Adventures, the 1600 Ms points price point is here to stay for other titles later on down the line.

As this news was first broke by Next-Gen, there are several questions still to be answered. With the delisting of under performing XBLA titles, how are buyers of those titles to redownload their game after it’s removed from the servers? How is a delisting going to be taken from a developer, when there’s no actual store shelves to be stocked? Pissing off developers even further after their royalty rate has already been cut in half may hurt the XBLA service most. Now that the XBLA file size has officially increased in size, doesn’t that start to undermine the name Xbox Live Arcade? Fast and easy access is what the term arcade is supposed to be, right? Shouldn’t there be another classification for these lager titles as to not muddy up the waters with confusion as to what to expect with any given title?

Surely all of this is a moving target, so we’ll see how this all goes down in the long run as looking at everything in hindsight is much easier said than done.

[Via Next-Gen]

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

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  1. It seems like MS is going out of their way to screw the XBLA devs… God I hope they listen to the comments over at gamerscoreblog.

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