Come and get your Xbox 360 PJ on!

So, you have everything there is to do with Xbox, huh? You have all of the accessories and all of the games you care to “give a chance”, but there’s one thing you probably don’t have. Xbox PJ’s, of course. Now if you say you’ve already got a pair, stop lying to yourself, because I know you never thought of this essential part of the Xbox “empire” of merchandising.

Yes, you to could be styling in your very own Xbox PJ’s. There’s no sarcasm here folks. 😉 Nothing but pure unadulterated PJ happiness as the immense feeling of joy rushes over me as I realize what’s be missing in my life. No more worrying about having world peace, general news actually being news, celebrities finally being put in their place, or having Idiocracy actually come true. No! None of that matters anymore, when I get my pair of Xbox 360 Pj’s.

One word of advice for all. Head on over to and get your pair , because the world won’t be the same until Xbox not only rules your consciousness, but warms your legs to.

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-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

4 Responses

  1. I will finally have pants to wear! No more playing Uno with my Vision camera pantsless!

  2. Chicks dig this!

  3. Mikael: Yes, they do!

  4. ROFL! I gotta get me some of those!!

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