Rumor: Beyond Good and Evil sequel in the works?

Back in the day, aka a few years ago, there was this game called Beyond Good and Evil. It was great in so many ways much like its later bretheren Pyschonauts. Unfortunately all of that greatness was not enough to cause either to sell very well. Jump ahead to today where creator Michel Ancel of Rayman fame has been quoted albeit by a somewhat “janky” translation from French website JeuxVideo as saying that a sequel will be coming sometime in 2009.

And for those of you that may have passed on this game back in 2003, it’s a great candidate for Xbox Original treatment, but as it always turns out, Beyond Good and Evil is not backward compatible on the Xbox 360. Anything short of saying Booooo to the BC Ninja’s would be uncivilized.

[Via Totally 360]

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

2 Responses

  1. BC Ninjas? I had another word in mind, an oppressive force from a certain nation during a certain war, also started with an N. Yea. Honestly, why can’t they just start making it so the 360 can PLAY the games I own instead of me having to re-buy them on downloads?

  2. […] wasn’t official before but now it is. Beyond Good and Evil will indeed be getting a sequel. As seen in the above […]

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