Breaking terms of use one account at a time

With this service called Xbox Live, you may have heard of it, there is this thing called “Terms of use”. In other words a contract between you and Microsoft, so that all can be peaches and cream while you use their service. Now, if you read down to brief #4 on of the terms of use policies for Xbox Live you’ll read this:

You are responsible for all activity under your Service account. You are responsible for keeping confidential any password for your Service account. We may allow you to have additional persons use your Service account and/or have additional member accounts associated to your Service account. We refer to these as “associated accounts.” We may limit who may use your Service account or any associated accounts. You must tell us right away about anyone using your account without your consent, or any security breach that relates to the Service.

Surely, allowing someone to use your account is breaking the terms of use. You’ve (should have) heard it from Major Nelson also, numerous times. Do not give out your account information! Don’t do it! Then comes along this site. Haloboosting? Now how would someone be using a concept titled Haloboosting? Well, it’s painfully obvious. Their taking account information from willing suitors how want thier Halo rank boosted up to 50. Okay, thats just breaking the terms of use, no biggie is what I’m sure whoever is doing this was thinking. No, no,  no, they didn’t stop there. Their taking money to do such, after they and the payee break the terms of use policies.

Chances are that you and I know that this is wrong and should be stopped. Not only is this wrong though, but it also impacts other users of Xbox Live when they run into one of these crooks in the guise of “boosting” someones rank. It’s a real shame anyone would do such a thing and it’s down right despicable for anyone to partake in this activity by paying someone to do it. Logically this needs to be stopped and that’s pretty much all there is to it.

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-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

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