Gears of War 2 gameplay debut

When it comes to Gears of War, it’s no question that it’s helped define what the Xbox 360 has been over the course of it’s reality short life so far. It’s still one of the graphical showcases that any gamer can be happy to show to the non-believers when it comes to the relevance of the so-called “next-gen”. The original game has had its time to rule the Xbox 360 mind share, but unfortunately that time has passed for many (even though it’s consistently in the top 10 Xbox Live games). It’s personally been saluted by me as it had officially overstayed its welcome the day Halo 3 released, but for Epic the time has come to take its thrown back.

Now, Gears of War is still my most played game according to my 360voice blog (great site, setup an account). Sadly, I never got the “Seriously” achievement and how that is possible is beyond me. Over five hundred or so hours should have gotten me something, right, but lets chalk that one up to a monumental conspiracy of the highest order. A low(ish) gamerscore is solely to blame for this. Luckily, the next installment’s freight train has just left the money printing station and is barreling directly for everyone’s stash of monopoly money (well, it might as well be).

After seeing the above, the inclusion (non PC) of the Brumak alone is enough to have some (Dustin Burg) wet their pants. Chainsaw duels, locust shields, those damn reavers (hey, isn’t that supposed to be Firefly), and new weapons are sure to excite hordes of gamers later this year. More badass? Yes, it is.

*It’s a high recommendation to download the video on the Xbox Live Marketplace, as you’ll get see it on your TV and that’s always a plus.

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

3 Responses

  1. Chainsaw battles…drool.

  2. The fan in me can’t wait or should it be I’m dying to play this game once it’s done. I don’t think it would be to bad to be a tester for this game.

  3. ^ I wouldn’t leave my house >.>

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