Halo 3 double EXP weekend goes sniping

Time to put down your copy of GTA IV, right? I know your still playing it. It’s okay. For that other game Halo 3, yeah, remember that one? Master Chief and his Arbiter friends are dying for you to get back into thier good graces by no other than a nice helping of sniper rounds. Yes, that’s right. Team Snipers is the meal of choice this weekend for teh Halo 3. So, pop in that disc again and gain your double EXP.

We all know how popular Team Snipers is whenever it makes it’s appearance well known all of a sudden during “regular” playlist, usually followed by some lightningly quick vetos. Atleast this time, you have some incentive to play it by choice. So why doesn’t this have it’s own playlist permanently so that some of us don’t have to be forced to play it Shishka? Anyhoo (ahhh, worstword EVER), time to get to the sniping.

[Via Bungie]

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

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