Rant Central #10: Glenn Beck and friends

Level 10 loaded……

Idiocy is a phenomenon that finds itself draped across all walks of life. Unfortunately that phenomenon seems to follow videogames around like a bad smell, hence the video below.

Every gamers good friend Glenn Beck has been quite the non-proponent of gaming as of recently. Surely, he had so much to say before this thing called GTA IV was making so many waves in the media, right? If so, where were all of these comments he’s happy to make before they directly associated with better ratings?

This is destined to be the shortest Rant Central yet, because I’m beside myself with these people who don’t play videogames trying to tell us that videogames are somehow dooming society. Who the hell are you to tell us what a videogame has or doesn’t have when you don’t play games. The time for witty and satirical comments on this is over because nothing will make these people realize that the issue here is that they’ve become out of touch. It’s that plan and simple.

As for gaming bloggers being losers as this “know it all” says, kiss all of our asses! You wouldn’t dare say such a thing about anyone in any other industry, but the illusion that all gamers are in their parents basements has clouded this weenies head. He can say what he wants and that’s fine, but when the majority of people out there who don’t have a clue (because they’re following someone like him) are listening to this nitwit and others like him, only bad can come of this.

Xav over at X3F had some rather nice words to say about this as well, but I’ll leave this round with this:

I’ll take my “could care less” ass to another topic, because obviously I’ve wasted enough time that I “couldn’t care less” for already. Where’s a Delorean when you need one. I need to ban that Rock n Roll so many seem to like. Good Day Sir!

Level 10 done…..Level 11 loading……

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

3 Responses

  1. Boooo! @ Beck

  2. wow this is getting worse and worse

  3. Honestly, who watches the news on TV? If you want a biased, out-of-date source of false information, watch the news. Watch people who work for news channels. If your one of those people who watch this crap, I’d like to show you how to make a million dollars by buying my book.

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