“Wits and Wagers” this Wednesday

Are you looking for an Xbox Live Arcade game which has some wit and wagering? Oh my God! You’re in luck! This Wednesday will see the release “Wits and Wagers” on the ole Xbox Live Arcade for a price of 800 Microsoft Points.

Wits & Wagers™ is the fun trivia party game where you don’t need the right answers to win! For each question, bet on the answer you think is closest to the truth, whether or not that answer is your own. Use your knowledge of trivia, your intuition, and the odds to help decide where to bet! Seven rounds of questions—plus dancing characters and upbeat music—keep a fifteen-minute game lively for family and friends, local or online. Wits & Wagers includes 700 unique and fun questions for up to 25 hours of exciting play!

Wits and Wagers [Xbox.com]

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

2 Responses

  1. Another XBLA game that doesn’t come to Germany (I doubt it is violence this time….)….

  2. […] the videogame world certainly ceases to be any different and that’s where the XBLA version of Wits and Wagers comes in. A trivia game for the non-trivia in all of us, plus a little bit of luck thrown in for […]

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