GTA IV and Iron Man clash?

Its been a note of contention for sometime now that the release of Iron Man to theatres on the same week of Grand Theft Auto IV was inevitability going to be a poor move. One would think that both properties are hitting the same demographic and what worse time to try to match the two up. With much thought into this seeming to be a ridiculous notion, why can’t gamers put down GTA IV for a few hours to at the very least take a Liberty City break. Surely not everyone is playing GTA IV. Are they? It is a mature rated title after all. No kid looking forward to Iron Man is playing GTA IV, right?

Obviously Hollywood is scared to death that their audience are putting videogames over movies who’s lack of a better word have been “brainwashed” to believe movies are the pinnacle of entertainment. Without going into further detail, is there really any correlation between movies and videogames or is it simply the fact that the masses have more choices now. Everyone only has but so much time or so it is said.

I just got back from seeing Ironman myself and can’t say that I wouldn’t have been just as satisfied staying home and enjoying my copy of GTA IV instead. After all, no film would keep my interest for days on end as GTA IV has and will continue to do. Phantom groaning from Hollywood or not, they better take notice or they’ll find that hourglass of sand is just about to run out.

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

7 Responses

  1. Honestly, I loved Iron Man and I *still* don’t plan on buying GTAIV.

  2. I liked Iron Man too. I feel it falls right is line with the first Xmen movie. It feels very much like an origin story entirely. After that’s done, there’s hardly anytime left for the rest though.

    I won’t be trying to convince anyone to buy GTA IV. It doesn’t help my bottom line any. 😉

  3. I havn’t had a chance with iron man yet, but once im done with gta4, ill be cheking that out. There aren’t too many titles in the next couple months so those will have to last me.

  4. I’m still finishing up my backlog of PS2 RPGs I missed, then Mario Kart and MGS4… and then the random 360 games I’ve picked up… I can’t pencil any new releases into my schedule. Soon enough, Disgaea 3 will get a US release too.

  5. don’t get me start on mario kart wii! no multiplayer grand prix! WTF! that was my favorite, unlock some level with my friends…extreammly disappointed with that discison…

  6. pasz – Wii and online don’t belong in the same sentence. it turns out friend codes are actually IP Addresses. Nintendo is THAT far behind.

  7. Pasz and Geo: If you’d like to argue Wii it would be that much better if it were here. You can ignore this, but it’s just a suggestion. 🙂

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