Rant Central #9: Give Criterion their props damnit!

Level 9 loaded….

This feature was started as an appease of sorts to the fine folks of Criterion Games. Therefore after the most recent announcement by the Burnout Team, it’s ample time that they get the props they deserve from someone outside of their die hard fans who’ll believe in them no matter what even if they are on a sinking ship of horror known otherwise as the Titanic. Something has to be said for the gigantic balls these guys ,and no doubt gals also, are trying to do when it comes to downloadable content. No more should we look for just standard handouts, while Criterion is actively and literally changing their game before our eyes.

Up until now the term “Downloadable Content” has largely meant “new maps” and/or nicknacks that don’t have any real affect on the experience with the game. Don’t get me wrong, new maps are fantastic for those games that benefit from such a thing. Then again, how much longer are we to be subjected to such shallow offerings after being told that downloadable content was to have a huge wealth of opportunity that goes from the smallest of content to entirely new experiences. And that’s where Criterion Games comes in. Finally there’s a developer looking to change the game that they already put out for mass consumption.

Resting on the code that was locked down for release should be a thing of the past. Hasn’t anyone asked them self why so many gamers consume videogames in such a herd mentality? Logically once you play a game to death and there’s no new content you’re just going to go right to the next thing. Xbox Live functionality added on top of this isn’t exactly helping in anyway either. Once you see a bulk of your friends playing the same game you’ll inevitable feel left out and more than likely get that game to, if anything just from the peer pressure.

Why is it that when a developer such as Criterion commits to their game as much as they have beyond the release, hardly anyone gives them their do? The undertaking that Criterion is applying to Burnout Paradise is remarkable. Forget about rather you like Burnout Paradise or not. I’d hate to say it, but that doesn’t matter. This goes light years beyond that. The adage of the customary download that does nothing more than give you more of the same should be only the first step. The thought of adding additional content into an existing game is still quite new. Classic Expansion Packs have been around for far longer, but this new foray into adding content this generation of consoles should be nothing less than “gameplay changing”.

When a game is released and the inevitable press release of downloadable content follows that up, why is it that none of it changes the gameplay in anyway what so ever? No one is willing to change their game overtime to give the game player a new experience with their game other than more of the same. Criterion Games is taking a big risk on trying not to do just that and there needs to be some sort of acknowledgment by everyone that this is what they want or not. Complaining from far and wide always comes whenever new content is announced for a specific game. “Wah Wah, 800 points, that’s not worth it”. If so, what is worth it? Obviously everyone would like everything for free, but we all know that’s impractical to say the least. These companies exist for one thing and one thing only. TO MAKE MONEY! Who are we to tell them what they should be building into their games after the fact.

It’s painfully obvious that we don’t know what we want, yet loads of us are the same people who said that Burnout Paradise wasn’t a “Burnout” game anymore. Yes it is. Criterion decides what’s a Burnout game. Not the consumer. Bitching and moaning that it’s just not the same goes against everything that every fanboy shouts day in and day out. I’m not going to get on an innovation kick again, but what the “frak” does that even mean? Whatever the developer feels makes their game better and moves it forward is the innovation. Consumers’ pie in the sky dreams do nothing, but hurt the industry in the long run. Dream up all of the features you want. It never fails that when a company does what every gamer says they want, they only get ridicule of the “it’s not the same” variety. Remember, Criterion made Burnout what it is and was in the first place, or is it that “no good deed truly never goes unpunished”? But seriously, ditch the airplane ideas guys. That’s just plain dumb. That is unless you plan on making the next Crimson Skies. 😉

Level 9 done……Level 10 loading…….

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

7 Responses

  1. “But seriously, ditch the airplane ideas guys. That’s just plain dumb. That is unless you plan on making the next Crimson Skies.”

    Owned :]]
    Great job, I think Criterion deserves every piece of respect. and Burnout will ALWAYS be Burnout, unless there’s planes… which, like you said, would be the next Crimson Skies…

  2. I agree with most of your thoughts. I’m over at the Criterion forums myself taking advantage of their very open mindedness in using public opinion. They are, despite EA’s influence, one of the best developers out there. I love how much effort they are putting into the game.

  3. Nice Post! I am ashamed to say that I still do not own Burnout Paradise. I will pick it up sometime this month.

  4. Thrills: It will change your life forever. It’ll have you saying “I wanna go fast” for sure. If only GTA IV had boost. Then it would be really cool.

  5. I have to say, I’ve always been a big Burnout fan, and Paradise is raising the bar even higher. Between all of the billboards, smashs, and super jumps to find, all of the online challenges (350 of them), it really is phenomenal. Now with the hopefully end of June update bringing some more cars, 70 more online challenges, online marked men races, realtime weather effects, and much more, I can’t wait. Then the next update at the end of July hopefully, including motorcycles, nighttime driving, and even more challenges, Criterion have really stepped up and raised the bar.
    If you have Paradise, you owe it to yourself to go to Criterions website: http://www.criteriongames.com and check out all of the updates.

  6. The game would be a whole lot better if people would just do what they’re supposed to in the challenges instead of being dw33bs.

    I have a whole slew of 2-6 player challenges left to do, and when people drop out, it pisses me off. Typically, there are 8 people already in the room, and no one wants to do challenge 49 & 50.

  7. Count, you’re in luck. With the Cagney update at the end of June (hopefully), if a challenge is started, it will not be cancelled*, and the challenge will act as if the leaving player had completed their part (unless you need them to do a multi-car jump over). This fix will not work with the new multi-part challenges coming in the next patch as well.

    If you’re online and want some help, we’ve got a group of around three or four guys that are normally on. We’ve been bangin out the online challenges.

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