GTA IV made me do it, I swear! Plus XBLA news

Well, let’s be honest. GTA IV is good. Real good. Hence the lack of posts in this neck of the tubes. So, in a lame attempt to salvage some sort of blogging dignity I write this. When you see nearly your entire friends list playing the same game you can’t ignore that. Can you?

On another note, Xbox Live Arcade is taking a break this week with no new release. Surely, not all are interested in Grand Theft Auto, so is it really a good idea to not show those who fall into this category some love? What do you think?

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

3 Responses

  1. They did basically say that they weren’t releasing anything as a direct result of GTA IV’s release. Which I think is a little fishy… Is that really a worthy reason?

    I’ve been playing some GTA IV myself lately and loving it! At first I thought Brucie was a little weird… But after the “ICE COLD!” lines I’ve started to like him. :PI just hope I don’t have to kill him as well… Seems like Niko kills everybody he meets. HE’S ICE COLD!

  2. I would think the people that purchase GTA4 and the people that frequent the Arcade may be two entirely different groups. Not releasing an Arcade game when they have a set schedule just because of a retail game’s release seems like a poor move, especially considering the controversial nature of this particular release.

  3. bs angel: GTA IV is controversial? Aren’t videogames an equal entertainment as anything else. I guess we don’t all think that. 😉

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