MVP Summit 2008 Rock Band excursions of delight

* Due to technical issues, you’ll have to hit up the via link below for the video.

The MVP Summit that was hosted up at the Microsoft campus a few weeks back was held and all was good so we are told ( I want the dirt MVP’s 😉 ). As this was meant to be posted much earlier than this, it still goes to show that Chris Paladino is a man of many talents. Is it right that he’s the best singer (as far as I can tell) in the above video of hilarious Rock Band fun? And John Porcaro, not bad at all. Of course I have to throw in that I am in no way in the league of anyone displayed as far singing goes. Then again, that’s where my push for Saxophone Hero stems from. Somebody make it happen. Please!

[Via Peench]

-William “thewillleffect” Bell-

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  1. Thank you. *lol*

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