Take a look at the lucky souls

Want to see who the current cool kids on the block are? Sure you do. These people are right now playing and earning achievements in Grand Theft Auto IV. Click the link below and see if you recognize anyone.

GTA IV Leaderboard [MyGamerCard.net]

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

15 Responses

  1. I so can’t wait to laugh at people getting banned who pirated it.

  2. Wanted to comment, I *know* one of those tags belongs to someone pirating it, as I knew them from a forum/message board dedicated to piracy for a different system, and they brag about downloading games that get leaked on the site quite often. Hope they get their system banned.

  3. Evil, pure Evil.

  4. Is it bad that I feel like I’m on withdrawal from a game I have yet to play? 😦

  5. If that game is GTA, yes.

  6. 5 more days.

  7. see thats wrong, I see 4 names i know of, one is mine and they are legitimate copies from amazon. they ban them, they ban me, i sue …

  8. How do you like it so far?

  9. brilliant, words cannot describe it.
    had few more friends say theirs from hmv.co.uk have despatched theirs for nxt day delivery. expect a few hundred more brits on there morra!

  10. Nice! I can’t wait.

  11. I hate you…>.>


  12. lol s’all good mate.
    right i just had some more emails, i got 7 more friends on it, checked freidns list and they playin live games, they all legally brought form shops. argos in UK also sold it early, so expect thousasnd on it today lol

  13. and i still cant thionk of any words to describe the game … the engine is unbelievable. no other game will go in my consoile for a week or so .. plus the wife wiull probably leave me lol i got rid of the kids to the sisters for a very long weekend too lol

  14. bigmonkey, how is online?

  15. its good fun mate, havin loads of fun just roamin about wiv a mate n enjotin cops n robbers lol

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