GTA IV Leakage spills all over the place

Have you witnessed the storm of GTA IV leakage which has hit the internet? We have pirated versions of GTA IV in the wild(which you better not download), gameplay videos, and more. I’m not really in the mood for R* ninjas to come to my door so I will not be posting any videos or links(which would be taken down anyway). If you really want to see some gameplay I recommend camping out at the recent video posts on You Tube under the category of “GTA IV gameplay”.

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

5 Responses

  1. No thanks, I can wait till Tuesday.

  2. […] posts on You Tube under the category of ???GTA IV gameplay???. -Michael ???Thrills Killa??? Pachec and Wii releases scheduled to drop The Daily TexanPerennial favorite of senators, […]

  3. ive got a legit copy from amazon, along with 3 other local friends, got accused yesterday bout mine being illegal from 30 odd people so have blocked my profile from everyone. typical, i get a game early for the 1st time and get accused of piracy lol i dont even know how to get them to work !!

  4. I’ve been trying very hard to ignore all of it. Its a shame.

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