Burnout Paradise in for some more big changes and additions of the motorbike kind

Keeping to their word of more to come from Criterion Games, Burnout Paradise is in for some major updates that should have fans of the series very excited. If not for the customary crash carnage, the new adddictions up coming will be nothing less than exciting indeed. First up are 70 new Freeburn Challenges in the up coming “Cagney” update.

Multi part challenges: Instead of just doing one challenge at a time, you’ll be able to string them together as you move around Paradise City.

Timed Challenges: All of the new challenges have time limits. Now if you don’t finish the challenge in the time alloted as a team all players fail, which causes everyone to cooperate.

Co-op Leaderboard: Every challenge will have its own leaderboard. Knowing just how you stack up will be that much more easily understandable.

Partners In Time: A 2 player example of this type pf challenge can be seen here. A 3 player example of this type of challenge can be seen here, and so on for this 4 player challenge.

And finally and certainly not least is coming from the expected August release of the “Davis” update that includes motorbikes. Yep, bikes in a Burnout game. They’ll be given thier own seperate game modes and a reduction in traffic to give you a little bit of room to enjoy them. Additionally, the ample inclusion of night time racing to Paradise City. As for more information, it’s to be expected shortly.

[Via Criterion Games]

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

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  1. […] was started as an appease of sorts to the fine folks of Criterion Games. Therefore after the most recent announcement by the Burnout Team, it’s ample time that they get the props they deserve from someone outside of their die hard […]

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