Beyond Xbox #1: Xbox vs. Girlfriend Take 2

Welcome to the newest Xbox Domain feature. This will be an ongoing look at issues that are removed for the Xbox ecology all together, but may or may not be related to Xbox in some other way. First up for the ladies who don’t play videogames is Xbox vs. Girlfriend Take 2. Help me and all guys alike understand. It would be much appreciated.

Coming from the most unlikely of sources is this:

Someone tell me the problem with gamers. They never want to have sex with their women? Even the new ones. I have seen it over and over on this site. What’s the deal??? Computer games inhibit sexual libido???? – Sex! Drop the guy, he is a bum!

The first time this had attention brought to it I didn’t exactly give any real thought on it, but the time has finally come to lay down the “business” on this topic of confusion. All women dead set on videogames being the spawn of the devil take notice. If you want to know what a guy (me at least) that plays games thinks or how he views this, pull out your notepad and take a view notes. You need it in the worst way. Gamers who so happen to be women, this is not for you. This is for the other lot who just don’t understand. If you can explain this, be our guest.

*The following may not be appropriate for all audiences.

Playing videogames is not a waste of time.

Since when did having a hobby that you(the girl) aren’t into a waste of time? Time after time you’ll find yourself having to justify what you spend your time doing. Unfortunately when it’s playing a videogame that you choose as a hobby, because you enjoy them, there is a problem. Obviously the taboo associated with videogames that’s created by those who choose to be ignorant to the entire medium is the root of a grand majority of this. Then again, none of that should matter should it.

When I’m playing a videogame that does not mean that we’re spending time not with you.

Why is it that whenever we’re playing a videogame, it always comes back to bite us in the ass later. Do we not get a chance to do what we want without having to do it with you. If you have plans to hang out with your “girlfriends” that’s fine, but your not going to find us snickering at you after the fact about “Not spending time with us”. Give me a break. When is our time going to be put on the same pedestal as your interest that we think is a quote on quote “waste of time”? Additionally, to add fuel to the fire. Romantic Comedies are evil, plan and simple. And while I’m at it, all of the Lifetime channels need to go. No wonder you get depressed.

If I’m playing a game, don’t go pulling that I want to have sex bull.

We never want to have sex? You only want to have sex when we’re playing a videogame. What a coincidence. Is it so bad that we have an interest that doesn’t include you? Now, sure you could show some interest by, lets say, actually trying to join in sometimes. We’re not expecting all of the time, but blatantly turning a blind eye to something we obviously like to do is just plain dumb. To stereo type women, how’s the shopping going, because who in their right mind wants to do that just because.

I am not ignoring you when I’m decide to play a videogame.

How about showing some interest our way sometimes. How about you show some respect for our hobbies as you would for the so-called “jock”. Spending time with you is one thing, but trying to bate us into spending all of our time we you is pushing it. We have our own interest and you have yours, so don’t go trying to make us give up our end of the bargain so that you can have a bigger piece of the pie. This whole thing is a give and take. SO, STOP TAKING SO MUCH!

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

8 Responses

  1. Honestly, I refuse to see a woman unless they play games, plus the idea of having sex *while* playing Halo on live sounds great to me. Namely to hear the comments when I accidentally leave my headset on.

  2. I think someone just got dumped… 😛

    Kidding, good article – the negative stigma associated with the hobby makes it seem like you’re into painting miniature boats, collecting stamps or spotting trains.

    Ah well

  3. I used to paint miniature space marines with chainsaws.

  4. I used to collect small miniature boats and blow them up.

    True Story.

  5. Thrills: That’s creepy dude. 😉

  6. Hey, I was a kid who was into explosions. lol

  7. Shit, I have sex with my girlfriend regularly, we’ve been together for years (and live together), just got engaged and I’m running a start up Xbox 360 web site. I think it’s safe to say it’s not true for everyone lol.

  8. I had a giant green-armymen sized aircraft carrier boat, it held about 200 armymen inside. One day we set some airplanes on top, about 50 green army men, then lit it on fire and pushed it to the center of a drainage pond. It burned up slow at first, then fire spread quick across it, then it split in half and sunk. 😀

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