Litheon brings Live……Anywhere? Sort of

A little while back, more like a long way back, this little carrot named Live Anywhere was dangled in front of the eye’s and ears of the entire gaming world with the promise to allow gamers to at all times be connected to their games experience whether it be some kind of an extension of a game or just to connect you to your friends. Luckily for us, this eventual time suck that in theory should be on a scale that Twitter can only imagine hasn’t exactly happened yet, much like Microsoft’s current implementation of Games For Windows. So, in the stead of the molasses like moving company up in Redmond Washington, good ole “Litheon” has taken upon himself to create a application for mobile phones that somewhat simulates the “Live Anywhere” possibilities, since those two words should only be spoken of if only coming from the mouth of Ron Burgundy.

Going a step further than the typical gamercard, Litheon’s SOAP interface allows for extended information like presence, giving you the ability to stalk your friends list at all times. The Zip file can be download here for your Windows Mobile Device. For more details check out Litheons Blog. While this isn’t perfect by a long shot, it’s much better then the “nothing” Microsoft has dulled out so far.

[Via Litheon]

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

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