Xbox 360 gets a system update out of the blue

The next time you turn on your Xbox 360 if you haven’t already and sign into Xbox Live you’ll be prompted to get a system update. Chances are your saying “What’s this for?”, as you see the prompt show up on your display. As described by Major Nelson this is what it’s for:

A few minutes ago, the team released a system update for the Xbox 360 over Xbox LIVE. Sometime over the next few hours when you sign in to Xbox LIVE you’ll recieve a prompt to accept this mandatory update. This update contains code to ‘prepare for future growth of the service.’ There are no other changes or enhancements in this update…in other words no new features. The next obvious question you’ll have is about the Spring update. At this point we have nothing to announce, and the moment there is information to share I will do so.

Now that that’s out of the way, there’s only one thing left to do. Well, it’s time to speculate of course. As a heavy user of this thing called the Xbox 360, here’s what I think it maybe from my own non scientific personal perspective. Better yet, this is what I hope this update did or does. The following may not be for everyone.

Recently I’ve had the unfortunate pleasure of being victim to the RROD again. Being the impatient person that I am I went out and bought another 360 to fill the time. My previous 360 was plagued with disc read errors here and there after the last system update. So, like anyone would think, this next machine should be error free. Oh no, that would be to good to be true. As soon as I get this new 360 up and running I connect to Xbox Live to get the dashboard updated. All seemed well. Then came time to play a little Halo 3. Bam! Disc read error almost immediately. Uhmmmm, this must be a joke right. So I open the tray and close it again. Bam! Now, this must have been some huge punk by Emeril Lagasse with all of the psychological “Bams” going on, but it was indeed really happening again. Mind you I had just gotten this Halo 3 disc back after it got scratched to all hell over time, because it was in my Halo 3 Limited Edition case as I failed to place it else where due to chronic procrastination.

Jump ahead a month and a half to now and what do you know I’m still getting disc read errors, but now COD 4 is now plagued with this eventually happening. Obviously this must be some kind of a disc drive issue, right? Surprisingly I don’t believe it is. I’m most certainly not the only one getting mass disc read errors. The day the Battlefield: Bad Company Closed Beta started I decide to give that a whirl, but shockingly half way through my first match what do you know? I get a disc read error. WTF is all I was thinking. This can’t be right. I’m not even using the disc drive. What the Frak! Sure enough it happens again, and again, and agian. The next time it happens with some XBLA games like Poker Smash. Something is majorly wrong here. Why the hell am I getting disc read errors when I’m not even using the damn DVD Drive?

Now, I don’t know about anyone else, but this is seriously hampering my experience with the Xbox 360. It’s painfully obvious that I love this damn thing hence this even coming to be. So, hear this Microsoft. Something is wrong with the Xbox 360 dashboard code and it needs to be fixed badly. I’ve gotten the same issues with two separate machines after updating from last years “fall” update. I’m not asking anyone to feel sorry for me, as this is must definetly happening to others as well after reading it at other places all over the net. Hopefully whatever this update has done or is preparing us for will alleviate these issues, because this is getting really fraking annoying really fraking quick.

-Will out

3 Responses

  1. Ewww. I feel for you Will. There is definitely something wrong with the dashboard code. I’ve run into one or two errors, but nothing like you. My brother had the same issues as you though.

    I would blame the hardware, but you obviously have disproved that hypothesis. Then I’m reminded that MS makes excellent OS’s that NEVER have any problems…

    I’m pretty convinced that the updates kill xbox360’s. My brother won’t even update until I’ve updated mine so he can kinda be sure that it doesn’t kill his (now third) Xbox360.

    MS needs to fix this…

  2. […] but this is seriously hampering my experience with the Xbox 360,” writes thewilleffect at The Xbox Domain. “So, hear this Microsoft. Something is wrong with the Xbox 360 dashboard code and it needs […]

  3. Whet Wurm: The Ghost in the Machine is is full effect. Thanks to Battle Star Galactica or I could have used some other four letter words as I didn’t even mention the gambit of the entire cluster”frak”.

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