Rant Central #8: Lazy Developers

Level 8 loaded……

OMG, this one is about to have my head explode with the ferocity of all of the suns in the known universe imploding at the same time. Time after time gamers every where tend to at some time or another try to pull the “Lazy” developer card out of their ass.  It’s a phenomenon of stupidity and ultimately a colossal epic failure of more sorts than can possibly be explained without going into War and Peace territory.  Nevertheless, its about time to exact some revenge on this overly and outright unfairly used term of attack for if not the sake of game developers everywhere, but to put unknowing consumers in there place once and for all.

It’s not if gamers don’t know what their talking about when they pull out their “lazy developer” sludge, it’s as if nearly every gamer pretends to know what their talking about. Since when did games become something that can spring out of only high level talk? Saying I’d like to see this or that is one thing, but not ever coming to gripes with the fact that there’s this thing called “technical feasibility”. Dream up whatever feature you want. Talk about what you’d like to see in your favorite or dream game, but when it comes down to it the only thing that matters is “is it possible”. Not bringing in the even more important, “How long is it going to take?”, no matter how great of an idea you or a developer may have, technical limits will shoot you down every time.

This generations machines are truly a technical marvel. The high definition capabilities alone are enough for me to “almost” never want to go back to the previous allotment of machines including the Wii. Obviously everyone’s  expectations are also going to sky rocket along with the bump up in the technology. Something has to be said for the ever increasing amount of work that’s needed to create today’s games with HD in mind.

image [Via Flickr]

As a disclaimer I can’t say that I’m in anyway a game developer. I’ve had my time with something like Maya and of course Photoshop (I’ve hung on to that one). Coming off of my extremely limited experience, it’s painfully obvious the nightmare all game dev’s have to go through just to get the smallest about of work done. Programming all of this stuff is one thing, but while trying not to over look them I’d have to shed a tear for artist everywhere. Looking on the bright side if there is one, all gamers are inevitably going to condemn a game right off the back if it doesn’t immediately knock there socks off upon seeing the game only. Make no bones about it, I’ve done it, and assuredly everyone else has to. Never mind the resource limits all of those textures have to fit within without crashing the game or causing mass slowdown. Consumers aren’t the one’s to care for a dev’s problems, but dismissing any and everything to “lazy developers” is beyond moronic.

No one wants to make a bad game. Pride is the stuff of legend that we all have and abide by. Before the design document and concepts stages, no developer is set out to make a bad game, so why is it so easy for a great majority of us to only see what we want, “lazy developers”, when a game turns out not to be so great?

OMG! This game has bugs, it doesn’t have all of the features of every other game in its genre combined, it isn’t innovative, it doesn’t overcome the flaws of our current Internet infrastructure for a complete 100% lag free experience, it doesn’t tuck me into bed at night. Whatever!

There are lazy developers out there of course. Any profession has them, but we aren’t so quick to pull out the lazy card for them are we? Many of the perpetrators of this are likely to still be in school in some form or fashion, so I leave you with this. If you haven’t been carrying a 4.0 gpa then what have you been doing? Using the above logic there’s only one thing to say. You must be a “lazy student”, because we all know all students who aren’t “AAA” don’t deserve to exist in a world that turns out to be mighty “lazy”.

Level 8 done……level 9 loading…….

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

3 Responses

  1. I know EXACTLY what you’re talking about. So many idiots think they know everything at school god I want to kill them.

  2. That’s why I’m extremely optimistic about every game I play, I only look for the good in games. It makes the game always fun.

  3. Paustinj: So where are the rest that are like you? 🙂

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