GTA IV intro in the wild?

It isn’t without saying that some people like to flaunt. Whether it’s fake or not. when it comes to GTA IV, nothing is off limits. As the image above found on Imageshack is to try to tease you somehow, the following video that I’m only going to link to is supposedly someone trying to show off how big their E-penis really is. While it seems to be legit, like that means anything, if you just can’t wait to see the intro video to GTA IV if it turns out to be what this is, here it is.

*Note: There are no “real” spoilers. Only the credits.

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

3 Responses

  1. Pass, I’ll wait till the game actually comes out.

  2. Can’t they get sued for this?
    I really doubt its the real one.
    Plus I’ve seen so many pics of the disc that differ from the one in the video.

  3. notice how he carefully ensures the underside isnt shown!
    and a copy isnt anywhere on the net yet so unsure how he did it, must be a error in sending out, why not sign in though – makes ya think PIRATE !!

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