Join The Xbox Domain Board O Fun Leaderboard


If you haven’t been to The Xbox Domain Forum and I know you haven’t, click on that little ole TXD 360 logo in that left side bar over there to head to the forum now. Once there you’ll see a Gamercard that’ll link you to the leaderboard page for The Xbox Domain. Check out the forum while your there. Signing up to chat about whatever you like would be beneficial as well, or blog about your on topics, it’s all fair game. You could just click here, but what’s the fun in that. On that page you’ll find a join leaderboard button. An account at is all there is needed to join the learderboard. The gamerscore shy need not worry, your probably well beyond my score. This is all about fun and to check out what everyone is up to. It’s all free, so there’s no excuse. 🙂

*Be there or be square, or something like that. If that’s even PC to say. Ah screw it. Be there or be square! HA!

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

6 Responses

  1. I just had Cereal O Fun!

  2. I had a Good O Time eating it.

  3. Glady added my gamertag.

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